Saturday, February 24, 2007

Get Paid for Blogging

Here is an opportunity for blogging mamas and papas to earn a little pocket money. It's called Blogsvertise.

How do you earn the money? After registering with Blogsvertise and getting your blog approved, you will be given assignments to blog about certain products or services. If they like how and what you've written, you get paid.

Worried you won't know how to write? Well, let's just say you don't have to write a 1000 word essay glorifying the product or service. I'm sure you can muster up 60-100 words right? Plus you don't have to endorse it. And they give you a free hand how you want to write it e.g. compliment it, critisize it, review it, talk about how it may relate to you etc.... Everyone has an opinion about everything. So just share yours and get paid!

How do you get paid? Through paypal. So for us here in Malaysia, that may not be a good thing coz' we can't cash out the money. But that does not mean you can't use the money. You can still buy stuff online using your paypal funds. Virtual money is still money.

So if you are game for it, get yourself to Blogvertise now and sign up.

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