Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Diapers: Pampers Stages Review

I got a jumbo pack of Pampers Cruisers flown all the way from US of A. Fuyoh!
Along with a pack of wipes. Such pride to have baby wearing diapers that are not available in Malaysia (yet). So, what's the deal? Did I pay for them. No! Are they paying me to write this review? No! It's just a simple exchange - free diapers for an honest review. So, honest I will be.

First, the things that I liked about Pampers Cruisers:
  1. I like the stretchy tab. Unlike the older pampers (orange packaging I think), the tab is quite strong. I pulled it quite roughly expecting it to break but it didn't. Yeah, that happened with the older one. I pulled to secure the tab and the whole thing tore off.
  2. The velcro tab is great. Prefer velcro compared to the sticky ones. With velcro you can do-undo-do-undo and it'll still work good.

  3. The diaper doesn't cut into baby's flesh. I really hate diapers that leave red streaks on baby's groin. Another area of concern is the top of the diaper cutting into baby's tummy. This is one reason why I chose to use cloth diapers. Pampers Cruisers seemed gentle enough not to cause any hurt.
  4. I also like the diaper's lining. It did a good job keeping baby's butt dry even after many hours.
  5. It's lightweight. Fits quite well and not bulky.

The diaper could be better if:

  1. The back of the diaper fit better. As you can see from the picture below, there's a gap. Although I didn't experience any leakage in wee or poo, I would prefer if the back of the diaper hugged his waist. I'm sure many mothers understand how baby can "jet propel" their poo up the back.
  2. The cotton inside didn't bunch up when wet.

The wipes they gave which corresponds with the Cruisers stage (called Swipers Wipes) has a really nice feel. It is thicker than normal wipes and does a good job cleaning the mess. But I must say I didn't use it much as I usually take baby to the bathroom and wash off the mess. Personally, I think wipes are only important during the first 6 months or so. After which it is better to just use water and soap to wash their butts. It would prove useful when out and about though. So maybe a travel size pack is better. Oh, and even though it smells nice, many mothers prefer non-scented products.

Price is always an important factor. So what is it retailing for? Approximately $10.50 for one jumbo pack. There are 4 stages in the new Pampers Stages:

  1. Pampers Swaddlers (0-5 months)
  2. Pampers Cruisers (6-17 months)
  3. Pampers Easy-Ups (18-23 months)
  4. Pampers Feel ‘N Learn (24+ months)

So, overall how do I feel about these diapers? Well, I've quite enjoyed using them. No problems. They are certainly better than the older Pampers. I'm down to only a few left. Unfortunately they are not available in Malaysia. Bottom line, would I recommend it? Yes.


  1. so nice to have some different diapers to try out:)

  2. ya prefer velcro like mummy poko diaper, it work very good.
    BTW, thanks for sharing the advertisement. Sleeping childs are so adorable.

  3. Mummy to qiqi:
    Yes, especially when they come free :)

    Yes, definitely velcro is top choice. Hate the ones that lose their stickyness. Sometimes need to readjust the tab right? Especially on squiggly children.

  4. Wow... cool item for review... so they sent you plus the shipping too?

  5. peridot&sapphire:
    Yes, plus the shipping too.


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