Thursday, December 27, 2007

Influence Of TV On Children

Son: Mommy, what if I can climb the walls like Spiderman? What happen if I can climb up to the ceiling?

Daughter: Good. Then you can help mommy clean the fan and the ceiling.

Hahahahah. Fantastic answer. Couldn't have come up with a better answer myself.

My son has evolved from Maisy Mouse and Hi5 to Power Rangers, Ultraman, Spiderman and all kinds of superhero cartoons and movies. TV is a big influence in the lives of our children. Just take a look at the picture, there is my son trying to scale the walls of my home. He, of course, told me not to show "the aunties" when he saw me clicking on the camera. Aiyoh, how not to tell. So farnee!

Anyway, I recognize how these kind of movies can foster aggression in young children. Yes, unfortunately my son has become a little fighter cock. I do try to limit his watching and even put the CDs in timeout when his behavior is less then desirable. I've tried to rid my home of such violence but its difficult to extinguish such passion. Even he himself said "Mommy, I won't watch fighting shows anymore." But, eventually, he gives in to his love for superhero action. I've asked him before "why do you want to watch fighting shows?" His answer....... "Because I'm a boy!" Hmm... maybe it is a boy thing. Sigh!

So, what is the next best thing to do? Try to turn something bad into something good.
1. Superheroes are helpful. They like to help other people.
2. Superheroes don't just fight, they also have to use their brains to outsmart their enemy. That's why it is important to learn and study. Exercise your brain everyday so you can be smart too.
3. Superheroes eat their vegetables.
4. Superheroes eat their "power pills" every morning. That's how they get their power. Its a secret they don't tell anyone. You also must eat your "power pill" (vitamin lah).
5. Call them superhero anytime you need them to help you do something.

Mamas Bag of Tricks
1. Tell them it's NOT REAL. In their little minds, characters on TV are real. For example, they really think people can fly and there are monsters to fight. Tell them the people are just acting and the special effects are done by computers. Yes, they are just "bluffing."
2. There is good and bad to everything. So why not capitalize on their passion by focusing on the good coz' it is going to be difficult to snuff out the bad.


  1. haha Lian, that is so cute and amazingly, your kid can climb up the wall a bit!!

  2. well said.. too many mishaps have happened just becoz kids wanted to try out the stunts!

    menawhile, have a happy new year

  3. haha... it's good to admire some superhero coz it's good to have dream!
    My gal doesn't watch any superhero carttons yet but she's like her dad... watching real man wrestling! What shall I teach her??

  4. Agreed with you Lian, especially those stabbing, gun shot action. Must teach them human will get injure and die by these. Else they thought superhero never die haha.

  5. My son loved the Incredible Hulk.. twenty some years later he is a winning body builder in the Natural Body Builder Contests. Superheroes might inspire a boy to be a fireman, police officer etc.

  6. Mummy to qiqi:
    Thank goodness it's only a bit :)
    Actually, he has requested to go to Spiderman School. Sigh!

    Yes, especially the "flying" stunts.

    I'm no fan of wrestling. I guess you can teach her what they did to become so strong.

    Yes, very good point. I also tell my kids in real life, you can't simply injure others no matter how angry they get. In real life, these people end up in the police station. Ya, I use the "police catch' tactic:)

  7. Connie:
    Wow, that's amazing. These shows are not all bad. Just hope kids emulate the good and discard the bad.


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