Tuesday, February 24, 2009

2nd Month Of Pregnancy

I realized I've never recorded any of my previous pregnancies. So when people ask me if this pregnancy is any different from the rest, I can't say much coz' I've only a vague memory to draw from. Yes, I admit that I have a problem with memory. My DH will attest to that.

The only few things I can remember from past pregnancies are these:
1. With the first, I had a lot of migraines. And I ate a lot of oranges.
2. Second pregnancy, I ate a lot of mangoes. Also had a short craving for KFC's Zinger burger.
3. Third pregnancy I lived on toast bread for more than a week. I fancied western food over asian food.
4. With all 3 pregnancies, morning sickness lasted for about 3 months.

Well, this time round I thought it would be good to journal down my pregnancy experience. I think I shall call it "MY PREGNANCY CRAZIES".

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Let's see, I'm a little over 2 months preggy. Morning sickness is not as bad as the 3rd pregnancy. I'm not vomiting as much though I do feel uncomfortable throughout the day. I burp constantly like I have a dragon in the tummy. Where is all these gas coming from? I'm pretty okay with lunch but struggle with dinner. The morning sickness feels worse towards the evening. So, it is almost certain that my face will be looking down at the toilet bowl at night to make several disgusting deposits. Oooh, how I hate the taste and sore throat after. (Sorry if this is all disgusting to you. Pregnancy can be a disgusting affair. Hahaha).

I think all my body's energy is channeled to growing this baby that I have no strength to do anything else. I've employed my children to do the sweeping and mopping of the floor. Regular chores like these leaves me utterly breathless. So, the past few weeks I've been vegging out on the couch or sprawled out on the bed. Boy, I really do feel NON-FUNCTIONAL. Thank goodness I have a wonderful DH who has taken over the kitchen and the business of feeding the family. So single girls out there, make sure one of your criteria to look for in a husband is that he can cook.

I miss enjoying my food. It is torture to see food that I love but be turned off by it. I run out of the house when DH starts cooking coz' the aroma just makes me feel worse. Yes, I actually take a chair and sit outside the house until the cooking is finished.

I have had some cravings. It usually happens when I'm taking a nap; I start dreaming about the food I want to eat. I feel like a crazy woman. A few weeks ago I so badly wanted to eat hokkien fried mee and cantonese style kuey teow. Yesterday, I dreamed of eating "chee cheong fun". Unfortunately, I am not living in PJ anymore where it is easy to buy these stuff. And sad to say, I don't have one of those DH who will drive 1 hour across town in the wee hours of the morning to satisfy your craving. My craving was so strong at that moment that I even had a few choices for DH -- 1st choice = chee cheong fun, 2nd choice = tausa pau, 3rd choice = mee konno (kicap mee). DH finally agreed to satisfy my craving after I broke down and cried. YA, crazy! I actually broke down and cried. Crazy pregnant hormones. Unfortunately I had to settle for choice #3. It was the easiest for him to do. I'm still holding out for my "chee cheong fun" though. Pasar malam is tomorrow and I know they have it there :)

Regarding clinical checkups, I have opted to do them at the government clinic (Klinik Desa). The clinic is only a stone's throw away and it's FREE! Sure beats forking out RM80-RM100 for a doctor's visit. My last pregnancy I went to UMMC for check ups. That was cheap too - only a few ringgit each visit. I feel that the government facilities do a more thorough checkup than the private ones. They do blood tests for HIV and other stuff. There's also the glucose test. First time visit is always the longest because they have to take down your history and do all the necessities. Well, I haven't really decided where to deliver this baby. Thinking about the Sg. Buloh hospital but I think I'll have to visit the place first. Anybody has any experience there?

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  1. Ai Lian,

    When you described that "all my body's energy is channeled to growing this baby that I have no strength to do anything else." and "I really do feel NON-FUNCTIONAL.", I agree with you, as I was like that too. Unfortunately, I couldn't veg out on the couch or sprawl out on the bed like you did, as I had to work. So, I took a lot of MC, as I found it useless for me to waste time on the work desk. I was not a productive employee during the first 3 months for each of my pregnancies. Your post is a remainder, that make me recall and scare again. At least, I envy for being able to be at home.

  2. Congratulation!!! What a suprising news from you since my last visit to your blog.

    Yeah, not easy being a preggy. Do take a good rest...

  3. Haha your craving is strong luckily you didn't kick your DH down to bed to get it for you. Yes the bloated feeling is terrible, hope you get better when you reach 2nd trimester.

  4. Hello Ai Lian,

    Congratulations on your pregnancy! I just got to know of this good news!

    I had the same experience as you. I always crave for food during nap and sleep time. And I mean every night! What a torture! But I do not have the heart to get my hubby to run out to buy for me. Luckily my cravings are not that strong that could disrupt my sleep. I just dream about it and try to get it the next day! Hahaha......

    Recently I had an emergency operation in Sungai Buloh Hospital. I am pretty satisfied with their service and ammenities. The nurses are more friendly than KLGH where I delivered my sons. This hospital is quite new compared to KLGH and Selayang Hospital.

    BTW, where do you stay and are you staying near Sungai Buloh?

  5. Hi Ai Lian...wow..talking about NON-FUNCTIONAL, cravings and the smell of cooking...it comes back t me again those memories..I actually craves something i like to eat from my hometown(BP, Johor) that my DH actually offered to bring me back to Johor one of the weekend during my first pregnancy but i refused and settled for one shop in KL(Blueboy coffeeshop) that has similar food I love-char tau kueh, fried indian noodles etc ala KL taste)...haha...enjoy being "pampered" for now till the arrival of the fourth one! All d BEST!

  6. some of your problem is very very familiar...

    gassy worst evening...cannot tahan when ppl cooking...etc....

    soon this will be over...take care

  7. Sheoh Yan,
    I was just thinking the other day how working mothers do it. And then I thanked my Heavenly Father that I was fortunate to vege out at home.

    Debbie Y:
    Thanks Debbie.

    The craving make me crazy but I'm still reasonable lar. hahahah.

    Thanks for sharing your experience with the hospital. I'm at Puncak Alam. Not that near but nearer than the rest I guess. I think it'll take me about 20-25 minutes to get there.

    Reminds me how my mom came to visit the other day and I made sure she brought the famous Seremban hakka meen with her.

    Oh, I am sooooo looking forward to better days.

  8. Hi...it has been a long while since I last visited. Congratulation! It is such a good news to read that you are pregnant.
    Take care!



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