Monday, February 16, 2009

Chinese New Year 2009

I know, I know, this Chinese New Year post is a bit late. Celebrations are already over. I'm probably one of the last people still blogging about it. But that's what happens when you have a preggy lady still in her 1st trimester -- will update on my pregnancy later.

Well, family reunion started on my side of the family first. Didn't go back to my mom's house this year. My 3rd brother played host at his new house. That made it very convenient coz' we don't have to travel far and fight traffic jams. My mom did most of the cooking. I only contributed one dish - sweet and sour pork. My brother told me NOT to open a restaurant. Humph! Okay-lah, standard can be better but what do you expect of a pregnant lady who can't stand the smell of food! Nevermind, I will redeem myself next year. Heheheh. Also took the opportunity to let my brothers know they have to prepare extra "ang pow" next year.

The Lim Clan
(Well, my side of the Lim family. If you didn't know, me and hubby have same surname)

By the way, my 2nd brother lost a lot of weight. He has been taking HerbaLife. If you too have some weight to shed or are looking for a work-at-home opportunity, you can visit his website at or Sorry-ah, doing a bit of promo here but really, my brother has lost a LOT of weight. His belly is GONE!

Then after midnight, we drove back to Bukit Mertajam to my in-laws place. Save some toll money because got discount travelling at that crazy hour. Only thing exciting was our half-day trip to Penang Youth Park. The two older kids have been there before but not babyD.

The wading pools are still there.

The park is also still lots of fun.

Only thing missing was that jumping thing that K tried last time (you can see the video here). But still lots of things to climb. BabyD definitely has some monkey blood in him.

I would have taken lots more pictures but stupid me forgot to charge the camera and didn't bring the charger. So, that's my tip for today: MAKE SURE YOU BRING THE CHARGER FOR YOUR CAMERA WHEN YOU GO FOR HOLIDAY!


  1. Hey Ai Lian ...thanks for sharing your pics. Me took loads of pics too but just too lazy to upload and blog.

  2. Nice family photo and congrats on your pregnancy.

  3. Wow !! Congrats on your pregnancy. You go gal !! :):)

    Take care :):)


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