Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Youth Park, Penang

Not going to give details about the recent Chinese New Year coz' its the same news - too much food, travelling and the hot weather in Bukit Mertajam. But one thing I will mention is our trip to the Youth Park, Penang. That was really fun for the children as the place has so many things to do and plenty of space to run around. The playgrounds have stuff not only for children but also exercise machines for adults. There is also a mini obstacle course for you to climb over, jump down etc.... The wading pools are lovely and there is more than one to choose from. I think there were three.
Anyway, here is a video of my little girl showing her brave side. I was tempted to try it too but must give way to the many kids there plus "malu-lah", kids might wonder what is this "aunty" trying to do?

Here is the wading pool. You can see the difference in my two kiddos. My boy took quite a while before he warmed up enough to venture away from the sides. He ended up having fun collecting leaves from the pool. Anyone need a pool cleaner? By the way, silly me did indeed forget to pack their swimming suits.

Here's one for the scrapbook.


  1. looks fun leh the park... got pool some more ah... too bad is in Penang :(

  2. the kids had fun..that all we ask for, rite?

  3. Lian, looks like your kids had lots of fun. Karina is very brave. Damus is cautious which is not a bad thing. At least you don't have to run after him to stop him from doing crazy stuff. Definitely must visit this park the next time I'm in Penang.

  4. Damus is being a litte cautious, Just like Champion.

    But once, he forgot, and followed my dad, dived in just the way he did to swim.. he was kinda shocked seeing himself under waters. But that didn't put him off. I was shocked to see he had improved, no more scared of waters.

    It takes time, and Damus will be soon diving in and out just like Karina.

  5. so, you forgot to take the swimsuits?

    is that a tip for good parenting?

    you are no better than any other mum around, get off your high horse and realise that your kids are just as normal/boring as everyone elses.

    crap site, crap ideas and tips.

  6. Hi Egghead:
    Yeah, too bad it's in Penang -- my thoughts exactly.

    Two Little Fellas:
    Kids happy, we also happy. Win-win situation.

    Yeah, only can take one kid doing crazy stuff, not two. Hehehe.

    Your Champion is a real champion.

    I did consider deleting your comments. Then I thought why should I? The fact that you chose to be anonymous to post such comments show what kind of person you are.
    1. Never in my lifetime have I claimed myself to be better than other moms. The fact that you took it that way shows what low self esteem you have.
    2. You probably don't read very well either as I mentioned these are MY parenting tips based on my experiences. They may be terrible to you but they work pretty well for me. I don't see you sharing any good tips. Is it because you don't have any?
    3. I pity your children as you see them as normal/boring. It must be horrible for you to raise such "normal/boring" children. I, on the other hand, am having a real blast with my wonderful, exciting, lovable kids, as is the case with the many wonderful parents here that have shared their comments. But, that is probably something beyond your comprehension.
    I wish you all the luck in the world and pray you will one day learn the art of positivity and love.

  7. Anonymous, you need to enroll yourself in an anger management course desperately! Such hostility, such venom and hate for someone you hardly know... Ill Manners must be your name! -- you are entitled to your opinions but to lash out your inner insecurities and negativity tells everyone how nasty and awful you truly are!!

    I pity you for your intolerance, rudeness and judgmental attitude. If anyone needs to jump off from the high horse, it is certainly YOU! Hope you are not a parent because your children will suffer much psychological damage and untold suffering!!!


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