Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Flower of a Nation

Many, many years ago, a good friend of mine wrote a beautiful poem entitled "Flower Of A Nation". I have since lost contact with this friend and so cannot ask for his permission to publish it here. But it is too beautiful not to be shared and a shame if it is kept in my journal only for my eyes to see. I remembered it as I was writing my previous post.
To Amp, thank you for the beautiful and inspiring words.

Every race, creed, and nation cherishes a flower
That captures the virtues of its culture
Which symbolizes all the good of that nation
That when the citizens of that nation
Gaze upon the flower
Their hearts aspire to the highest nobility
And are reminded of the majesty of their creation
"Where are these flowers?
Please show them unto me"
Look upon the land and see
They are unique in their variety
Yet, to a casual on-looker passing by
They stand common among their peers
Each will bloom in their own season
In due time to inspire the heart
Even barren ground will be made beautiful
When the seed of one of these flowers fall thereon
"May I have this flower that I may enjoy the beauty thereof?"
The seeds are precious and are not mine to give
"Then how shall I obtain one of these?"
I do not know for the flower is within you
By Amphaivanh Kommavongsa
To all the wonderful parents out there, may you continue to care tenderly for the seeds in your hands that we may all behold their beauty in the future.


  1. after the arrival of my kids, i see my life thru' their eyes...

  2. a great poem indeed... struck a chord with me :)

  3. Simply awesome!

    The poem is inspiring and a message to everyone.

    God bless.


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