Wednesday, April 15, 2009

4th Month of Pregnancy

Morning sickness is over. YIPPEE! I'm eating better and have a little more energy now. Last check up at the clinic, I put on about 3kg. I'm now 67.4kg. This little baby likes spicy food. I've been enjoying Tom Yam noodles and anything with sambal. It's funny I never ate spicy food growing up. Now, I love it! So, what do you think? Spicy baby means boy or girl? Hahahaha.

I'm still eating apples like crazy. And must have my mint sweet after meals too. I find that I can't eat much even though I now can eat. I'm get bloated easily and feel like I'm having indigestion. I guess baby is getting big and that means less stomach room. Which is sad coz' the other day we celebrated the Relief Society Birthday at church and the food was super yummylicious -- the lamb was tender, the sauce tasted great, the mash potatoes with gravy was heavenly and the teriyaki chicken was to die for. I wanted to eat more but was not capable anymore. Sigh!
(By the way, the Relief Society is the women's organization in my church and it's now 167 year old. It's one of the oldest and largest women's organizations in the world.)

When I was at the clinic for the checkup, the nurse used a doppler device to hear the baby's heartbeat. Unfortunately, she couldn't detect it. Then she asked if I've felt the baby move. I answered "no". This all got me a bit worried. I mean, no heartbeat, no movement... WAH, is baby ok? BUT the nurse didn't seem worried and just said, "maybe too early." Checkup was last week and I was around 16 weeks preggy. Did a little research on the internet and read that you can pick up a baby's heartbeat from 10 weeks onward. But some could only detect about 15-18 weeks. So the next checkup, I should definitely be able to hear it.

About feeling baby move, I think I felt something a few days after the checkup. It was like little bubbles popping. I quickly called kokoD to put his hand on my belly and he said he felt it too. But I haven't felt anything since. Belly is getting bigger and my bump will start to show through my clothes soon I'm sure. So, that's a good sign that baby is growing.

Summary of my 4th month of pregnancy:
  • Increased appetite
  • Increased energy levels
  • Bloating and indigestion
  • Constipation
  • Bump beginning to swell
  • Already have stretch marks from previous pregnancies.
  • No matter how hard my kids are trying to hear baby's heartbeat by putting their head on my belly, they can't hear it that way. Sorry kids!
  • Maybe felt baby's movement for the first time.


  1. My morning sickness stopped at 4 mths too. And by then I had to wear maternity clothing lor! Where you plan to deliver?

  2. a&a'smom16 April, 2009 11:56

    So glad that u r feeling better. Wishing u a healthy pregnancy.

  3. good that its over... enjoy the next 3-4 months.. they are really stress free as compared to the last 2 months where a bulky body will tire you a lot.. have fun...

  4. hi ur blog has been nominated for the supermummy amazing blogger award! do visit my blog for more details..thanks!

  5. Praise God your sickness is over!!! I couldn't feel much movement till 18 weeks and hubby could only feel from the outside after 22 weeks.....I'm eating apples too and I never liked apples, but can't eat much cuz tummy always too full! Anyway, I'm diabetic so not supposed to eat too much, hehehe....

  6. you are supermommy....voted you liau...


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