Monday, April 20, 2009

Supermummy Amazing Blogger Award

Malaysian Supermummy is hosting the first Supermummy Amazing Blogger Award and I'm one of the nominees. What does that mean?

(Just click on the banner below. You'll be taken to the Malaysian Supermummy website. Nothing to fill out. Once click, your vote is already recorded. Contest ends 30th April 2009)

Well, am I really a supermummy? I think we all are in our own ways.

How about an Amazing Blogger? Well, not as amazing as some other mommies but I'm trying my best. I share my experiences and hope it enriches someone. Of course I am also trying to make some pocket money online. But until I get a 4 figure check in my mailbox every month, I'm still short of Amazing!

Anyway, let me just list a few things about me (related to supermummy) so you know who you are voting for:

  • Have 3 children and all delivered without anesthetics. Ouch!
  • Breastfed all 3 (for 1-2+ years) coz' didn't want to spend extra money on formula milk. Oh, and of course breastmilk is best! Hahahah.
  • Still moping wee-wee off the floor.
  • I'm very thankful if I only have 1 basket of laundry to do a day.
  • I'm an advocate of child labor - what I mean is I make my children do house chores.
  • A strong believer that we should constantly read books to our children.
  • Gave up my good golfing track record to raise this family BUT I don't regret it. I'm waiting to join the senior tour. Hahahah.
  • I can breastfeed a baby, stop WWIII (it feels like that when siblings start to squabble) and blog at the same time. I'm sure you can do this too. Its just something every mother is equipped with. After that we need to give ourselves a break so we don't succumb to mental breakdown.
  • I hide from my kids when I eat ice-cream, sweets and other junk foods. We're not suppose to let them eat too much of these unhealthy foods right?

Ok, so that's a little about me. And because I know you're going to vote for me (heheheh), I'm giving you a heartfelt "thank you" gift. It's a free e-book called "HEALTHY SNACK AND MEAL IDEAS FOR YOUR WHOLE FAMILY". Just click on the title to open the file up or right click and select "save target as" to put it straight into your hard drive.

This free-ebook is only available until the 30th April, which is also the date the voting ends.





  1. All the best lian! I voted!

  2. Hi Ai Lian..Voted for u Supermommy!

    Thanks for the ebook (saw it after voting..hehe..I don't need an extra gift for voting but that is an extra icing on the cake!


  3. I voted for you adi! Thank you for nominating me. :)

  4. HI, vote already! You are indeed a Supermommy and I learn plenty of tricks and tips from you blog and you! You deserve a Vote! Thanks for the e-book!

  5. Ok!!! I've voted 10 times for you today!!! And I'll vote again when I'm back. I really hope you win!!!

  6. Thanks everyone for your support. Thanks Patsy for voting 10 times. Hahahah. Wonder what is the status of the competition now?

  7. Hi Lian,
    For a long long time I didn't read blogs (except our KL RS Blog). So today I checked up yours & yes, you've got my vote! Hope I voted correctly. Since I wasn't sure, I did it 3 times to make sure my vote's in :-)
    All the best, Supermummy! May you win!

  8. You're one supermommy! Voted for u. All the best :)

  9. Of course, I vote you many...many times. I Hope that you won. I know you're ehomemaker member. I do too. I agree on advocating children to do housechores otherwise we will busy attending the chores alone w/o maid help. I disagree that children shouldn't eat junk food at all. Kasihan...lah. My kids only ate them sparingly but I don't stock them at home.

  10. i also hiding everytimes i want to eat junk food/ice cream/sweet foods.


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