Monday, June 01, 2009

Mommy Burnout

Mommy Burnout

It's the school holidays and that means life gets a little crazier for moms. As it is, my kids have been at each others throats since yesterday. Thanks goodness my mom suggested we take a 1-day holiday to Port Dickson. We will be leaving tomorrow. Let them dispense some of the extra energy at the beach.
Anyway, I know mommy burnouts are common. If you are looking for a way to survive your mommy burnouts, check out this guide. Click on the picture below:

Mommy Burnout

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  1. I just came back from one night PD trip. One warning, see my post on ostrich farm!!!

  2. My sister needs this book. She's having a hard time dealing with the duties of being a parent. Hope it will help her.

    effective parenting


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