Monday, June 29, 2009

Who Says Kids Can't Lie?

Yesterday at church, K and KokoD were sitting in the front row. Me and babyD were sitting directly at the back of them. BabyD feeling a bit restless, snuck up behind jie-jie and poked her back. Of course jie-jie turned around. Immediately babyD pointed to KokoD and said "koko do".

Then, he snuck up behind KokoD and poked him in the back. KokoD turned around and babyD innocently pointed to me and said "mommy do."

Cheeky little fella. Who said kids can't lie?

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  1. Baby D is such a big boy now, looks a lot like kor korD... and he's sooooo cheeky! Wonder where he learnt that from. From kor kor & jie jie or mummy & daddy? Hehe.


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