Thursday, January 14, 2010

More TV, Good or Bad?

When I was young, there were only 3 channels on TV; RTM1, RTM2 and TV3. When TV3 was first introduced, my house could not receive its transmission. I remember being so bummed out because they had great shows like Smurfs. Yea, back then I felt very deprived because I felt like the only one in school who couldn't watch Smurfs.

These days our children have the luxury of cable and satellite TV. Is that a good thing? Well, in my home we don't subscribe to any extra channels. Even then, the TV is on almost the whole day. Don't be alarmed; it's not the kids watching but their grandfather.

I cannot imagine what would happen if I subscribe to Astro (satellite TV here in Malaysia). It'll be so difficult not to be glued to the TV. I know I will have to be more vigilant in making the kids adhere to TV rules. In spite of that I can think of one good thing it'll do for me... no more never-ending Taiwanese shows. My FIL watches them everyday and boy, the series seems to go on forever. I guess in a way it's our fault; he doesn't have much choice on TV.

So, in your home, do you (or would you) opt for satellite TV? What rules (if any) have you made for your kids and yourself regarding watching TV?


  1. we subscribe to astro but not to the cartoon channel. the kids hardly watch astro but watche cartoon dvds. they watch like 2-3 movies a day but i won't say that they are addicted to watching something on tv so I don't exercise much control here.....

  2. We don't because it's too expensive but you know, even if we had the extra cash it just wouldn't get used that much. We seem to have more than enough with the few channels that we do have and on Sunday when there is NOTHING on worth watching we always go to my husbands family get-together to hang out and catch up anywy. Saturday is cleaning day although we might rent a movie for a treat. When my husband and I were first married we had cable and watched it ALL THE TIME but I wouldn't go back, I like spending time with family or listening to music or playing games instead.

    WOW you're in Malaysia?? I can't wait to read further on your blog! :) I'll bet the food is good there. :P

  3. my kids watch playhouse disney and its very educational. they r not tv addict or any kind like that. sometimes on wkend they would be watching for less less 3 hrs with breaks. and now my daughter have a liking towards tvIQ in astro .. its good .. they teach science and iq stuff .. it makes the kids think.

  4. mom2asleyaidan:
    My kids watch cd/dvd more than tv too. I limit them to 1 a day. Good that your kids are not addicted.

    Usually when we have less money to spend, we make wiser decisions :) Yes, the food here is fantabulous. We have so many different types of food to choose from: Malay, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Korean, Western etc....

    Educational channels are good. The important thing is that they are not addicted.

  5. We subcribed astro. I wanted to cancel it last month because we seldom watch, then decided not. We have TV dinner around 7pm. Kids has been watching Hong Kong drama with us, which I think not good coz some scenes are quite inappropriate for kids. So I add in astro Xiao Tai Yang (Chinese educational channel for kids) and get them to watch that. Adults sacrify :(.


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