Friday, March 23, 2012

Stopping a Generational Curse from Being Passed to Children

What is a generational curse? Well, what is a curse? First off, we’re not talking about some zombie, horror-film thing. Curses are real. They are bad habits and wrong thinking. No one curses you; you curse yourself. Or, in the case of generational curses, your family passes along a curse. But curses are not indestructible. They are net eternal or unavoidable. There are ways to stop a generational curse.

Let me give some examples. What are some generational curses that are common? Alcoholism, child abuse, drug addition, spouse abuse, incorrect sexual urges, laziness, selfishness, divorce. There are many, many more. If your family has no history of this, if you are the only individual with these issues, then you are not under a generational curse. However, if your family does have a history of these issues, then you are under a generational curse. What do I mean by that?

A generational curse is part nature and part nurture. Your DNA comes from your parents. Their genes determine your color, your race, your hair, your height, and some of your health. They also have an impact on your disposition and lifestyle. How you are raised influences you just as much as whom you were born from. Not only are you born with certain tendencies, you are raised to embrace or reject them.

But you’re an adult now. How you were raised doesn’t have any influence on who you are now, right? Wrong. If you don’t understand that who you are now is connected to who your family is and how you were brought up, you will never be able to break free of the curse. A generational curse is powerful because it is ubiquitous. If your parents did it, if your aunts and uncles and cousins did it, then it is no longer odd or outrageous when you do it. It is just an accepted part of life. That is how curses work. They fool you into believing they are ordinary, customary, or inescapable. But they are not.

So, how can you stop a generational curse? First acknowledge your own contribution. Claim your own actions, repent of your own involvement. But you don’t want to do that. You want to make the excuse that you’re just like your father, so it’s not really your fault. Well, okay then, your children are going to end up just like him too. You are an adult now. Express your own participation in the curse so that you can stop it. You can’t stop what you won’t face.

Second, admit your family’s involvement. You will get nowhere by covering up the past. You must unearth the who and why and how and bring it to light. Even if the contributors are long dead and gone, the curse must be uncovered so that it can be stopped. It might have started with your grandfather or great grandfather, but it must be brought out and dealt with. Only once the source is exposed will the curse be stopped. The issue is not whether the originators are alive, but is their curse alive?

Generational curses can be enormous. They can influence entire groups and races of people. Generational curses played a part in slavery and prejudice and warped family structure and they go so, so deep. Whole countries can be founded on generational curses and the complications that accompany them. So never think you are by yourself in this. Stopping a generational curse is not easy. You are breaking a chain. A chain that can have many, many links.

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