Tuesday, August 07, 2012

BIG Sale On School Curriculum at CurrClick

CurrClick is having their Back to Homeschool Sale now until 24th August 2012. Discounts are up to 75%.

This is the time to save money buying fun and interesting educational materials for your children. I've already done some shopping and bought some stuff for my 5 year old son. I bought a few books from this publisher: Kid Brilliance

Here is one that I got.

Guess What! - Among The Flowers
On one page it shows a close up of a flower or insect. Ask your child to guess what it is. The next page shows the full picture and there is some information about that flower or insect. This is a fun science lesson and could lead to more discussion and exploration.

Another one I got was this.

The First Anti-Coloring Book
I happen to come across this book called Young at Art a few years ago. From it I learn the importance of letting little children scribble. It is important part of their development. If we force them to draw shapes too early or give them coloring books, we actually limit their imagination and self expression. So anyway, this Anticoloring book is by the same author of Young at Art (Susan Striker). Each page is an art activity that allows the child's imagination to soar. For example, one activity is for the child to draw and name a new species of fish that scientist just discovered.

Okay, why don't you go check out the Currclick sale yourself. You can search the materials by age, subject, product type or publisher.
CLICK HERE TO---> Enjoy the low prices now before the sale ends.

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