Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Dinosaurs and Barbie

You know how kids become engrossed on certain things at different stages of their lives? Well, we are going through the Dinosaur and Barbie age. You would think that it was my boy into the dinosaurs and my girl with Barbie. Well, it started out that way but interestingly their interests started to intermingle. So my girl is also loving dinosaurs and to the dismay of Daddy, my boy also likes Barbie. I try to console him by saying, "Hey, it's okay what! She "leng loi" (cute girl) mah."
Anyway, to encourage their exploration into the dinasaur era, we bought little dinosaur models. They fight with the little plastic toy soldiers. Jurassic Park(all 3 sequels) is a big hit in the home. We have our daily doses of that. And that is coupled with "Know the World of Dinosaurs" book. We use this as a reference when we watch Jurassic Park. At the moment T-Rex, Velociraptors and Pterodactylus are favorites. Of course, the day does not pass without the kids acting like they are dinosaurs.

Now the Barbie phase isn't so much about playing with a Barbie doll. Thank goodness, phew! I'm sure you know how much they cost. Anyway, it's more about watching Barbie movies: Rapunzel, Princess and the Pauper etc.... Actually, I confess that I like them too. Really good songs and the Prince usually not bad looking too. Hehehe. Ahem, ahem... adult, yes I am suppose to be an adult.
Anyway, they've got really good story lines and it helps when I need to remind my girl she needs to tone down the gangster-act and be more gentle.

I think the dinosaur and Barbie will be staying for awhile. I wonder what's next?

By the way, if you have a child interested in dinosaurs, you should check out this book at my store:
Harry and the Dinosaurs Have a Very Busy Day.

Below is a picture of Karina being "girly". She took my lipstick without my knowledge and this is the result.

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