Monday, November 14, 2005

My Budding Junior Photographer

Here are some of the clear and interesting pictures taken by Karina.

Inspired by Min's posting on pictures taken by her daughter Laura, I decided to give Karina a chance at our digital camera as well. She has been itching to play photographer for a looooong time. Unfortunately, every time she asked for it, I kept getting flashes of the valued item slipping from her little hands, plunging to the ground ... ending in my death. Of course! My husband would kill me if she really broke it and I was the one who gave the permission to use it.
Anyway, this time round I figured I would brave death for the sake of nurturing a little girl's passion. Afterall, a parent's role is also to provide learning opportunities. However, often I feel it difficult to know when to hold back and when to let go. I know of parents who are overly cautious of many things that their children miss out on the learning. On the other hand, I also have seen parents who are too lax with their children, that discipline and safety is overlooked. Finding balance is a big parenting challenge.
Anyway, after deciding to let Karina handle the expensive equipment, I figured I best teach her how to hold it properly besides just teaching how to aim and shoot. She went away happy, eager and full of zest. After coming back with plenty, and plenty of blurry photos, I decided my next mission was to expose her to a pluthera of professional photos. Hopefully it will unconsciously teach her that there is a goal to shooting a photo e.g. capturing emotions, artistic value, preserving memories, etc.... Something like that lah. I myself am no professional but I believe a little education for both of us will not hurt but enhance the experience.

Here are some sites I found that may help anyone else thinking about nurturing junior photographers at home:

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  1. thats a really good idea - letting you daughter to have a go with the camera - who knows eh? she could be a famous photographer one'd never know..;)


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