Thursday, November 03, 2005

Make An Effort To Remember The "Funnies".

"Kodak moments" with our children are sooo precious. And yet we often let them get forgotten. The vivid details of our children's funny and touching antics, expressions and phrases soon turn blurry as Father Time ticks on. In addition, our brains seem to have a knack of cutting and editing memories to the point we forget what was funny, only remembering it was funny.
So, what can we do to remember the "Funnies"?

  1. Book of Phrases
    There is a saying that goes like this, "A blunt pencil is more reliable than a sharp mind". Therefore, another project I have created for myself is to record down in a special notebook all the "Funnies". For example, hmmmmm.... See! I can't remember already. That's why I should write them down the moment it occurs.
  2. Scrapbook
    This is a HOT hobby in the U.S. but not quite so here in Malaysia. A scrapbook is more than a photo album. It's a picture book with journaling. You know how you flip through a person's photo album but the photos are meaningless? Well, with a scrapbook, the story behind the photo must be included. There are 2 ways to do this: traditional and digital.
    Traditional way --using photographs, cardstock papers, scissors, glue, accessories etc... and physically creating a scrap page.
    Digital way -- Basically using the wonders of computer and computer software to create the scrap page.

    You can view other samples of scrapbook pages here:

    I must admit that it can get overwhelming at times to do the scrapbook. But it is important to remember to keep it simple. More important is the memory you are preserving and not so much to show how clever or creative you are.
  3. Home Videos
    Unfortunately for me, my kids do not behave normal when they know mom has the video cam out. So it's almost impossible to catch those moments we want to remember. Plus you can't ask them to reenact the scene. It's just not the same. But no matter what, home videos are fun. My kids love to see themselves on the screen, even if it's about them crying, screaming and making a scene. Yes, I take those so I may blackmail them in the future. Just kidding.

Keeping these memories takes effort. But I look forward to the many days I will sit on my rocking chair reviewing all the "Funnies" and feeling blessed that I had a good life with great kids.

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