Monday, October 31, 2005

Mommy's Time Out

Every mother needs a timeout. No, not the kind we give to disobedient children. The kind that allows the mother to temporarily escape from the chaos of daily family life. The kind that is also widely known as "Me Time." Mothers are like a bank account. If you keep withdrawing funds without replenishing, the account will eventually close down. Yes, yes, I see all you mothers reading this nodding your heads in agreement. I hear ya fellow moomies.

Anyway, I was reading of Min's getaway adventure to Bangkok and wondered if I would ever get a chance to do that. AND if I did, would I do it. Sometimes we mothers are kinda hard to figure out. When we are at home with the screaming kids, we wish to get away. When we have a chance to get away, we fret that we will miss them too much. Then we worry if DH and kids can live without us? We wish them to be independant but we also like to think we are indispensable. Ok, psycho mothers is not today's topic. I was actually wondering what mothers do to freshen up their spirits. Well, below is a few (very few) things I do:

  1. Chilling out at a bookstore wishfully looking at books I know I don't have time to read.
  2. Curling up in bed with some girly or hobby magazine. At least I will have the satisfaction of reading it cover to cover.
  3. Listening to Jon Schmidt. What a fantastic, awesome piano player. Discovered him during my uni days. Unfortunately lost a couple of his CD's during my move home. But now found his Sound Box where I can listen for free! My favorite is a track called "All Of Me". Very uplifting and envigorating. You can feel the intensity of his playing. You have to listen to it.
  4. Going out for supper e.g. roti canai, icy dessert etc....
  5. "Makan" (Eat) out with good friends, especially if it involves seafood like Marmite Crabs. Yummmmm. But at this time I will also take eating banana leaf rice or nasi kandar.

Here are some things that I found or wish to do when I overcome my "psycho" syndrome:

  1. Something artsy-fartsy like going to MPO or a live play.
  2. I found out today that there is actually a bookmeet thingy in KL.
  3. Facials, massage, jacuzzi etc....
  4. Girls only retreat.
  5. Line dancing

Ok, so what does everybody else do? Please share-share.

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