Friday, October 28, 2005

Am I Too Young To Be A Geek Mommy?

"I am a geek!" This is the phrase that my DH has been teaching my little Damus. Can't blame him though as Damus has been kinda hooked on the computer. This little 2 year old can maneuver himself around his kiddy websites. Quite amusing to see him clicking, singing and sometimes giggling away. Karina also started on the computer at around 2 years old. Anyway, it brought to my attention a new set of challenge that parents have these days. Read my article on this topic of computers and children over at The Parenting Weblog.

Below are links to some interesting reading:

1. So, Are Computers Good for Children?
Lowell Monke is featured in this article. He is a professor at Wittenberg University in Ohio. This is the "why you shouldn't" part of the debate.

2. Six Myths about Young Children & Computers
Taken from the book: Young Children & Computers, A Parent's Survival Guide (published in February, 1998). Find out the truth to statements such as:
i. Computers will make my child smarter.
ii. Sitting close to a computer screen will damage my child's eyes.
iii. Computers give off harmful radiation.
iv. My child will become less social by using the computer.
v. My child should understand how computers work.
vi. Making my child computer literate now will better prepare her for the future.

3. Stretching is important for Healthy Computing!
This is more for the parents. Exercises to do when you find yourself spending too much time on the computer.

4 . Computers in a child's world
Article by Brenda Casey, an Early Years Advisor. She writes how computers can be used for good.

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  1. My kiddos are now ranged from the early 30s down to age 16.

    The oldest was prior to real personal computing. I ran a computer company and school when the middle ones were growing. The youngest is like yours, born with a mouse in her hand.

    The oldest is stuck like my generation, having to learn to live in a computer world.

    All are conversant with computers now.

    All of their lives have more flexability due to that knowledge. All respond to tech based on their own personalities.

    It has not hurt.

    In a world that is changing, it seems important to have the comfort early play created.


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