Thursday, October 06, 2005

Meme: 5 Childhood Memories That Relate To Food

I've been tagged by Min and so I will be a good friend and comply. But first of all, pardon my ignorance... What the heck is a MEME?????
Ok, now for my 5 childhood memories related to food.
  1. Hor Fun Konno (in Seremban). My parents are divorced so dad only comes visit during the weekends. One of the places we would go breakfast is the Hor Fun place. Really really nice as it's very soft and I haven't tasted anything like it here in PJ. It's served with Char Siu. This shop use to be in the middle of town. On days when my friends and I had to stay back in school for extra activities, this is where we would go for lunch. So, not only memories of time with dad but also memories of school buddies too.
  2. Curry Mee at the Asia Restaurant in Senawang, Seremban. Dad use to take the family here for breakfast before heading on to the golf course. I use to think why anyone would want to start the day with curry? But this place is very famous and often crowded. It's curry mee with chicken, tau hoo pok, and see ham (cockles). Now that I'm married to Andy (the chilli king), I've learned to appreciate this excellent dish. Back then I would see my family enjoy it and I opt for something safer like a "konno" (dry kicap noodles) or toast bread.
  3. Seremban's famous Hakka Mee. There is one shop located in the market upstairs and another outside the market. The shop owners are related (brothers). But the shop outside you have to be very, very patient. They take quite a while to get your orders done. But the noodles are softer (maybe that's why it takes longer). This is still a favorite in my family. Sometimes we get Mom to "ta pau" packets and packets of it for us.
  4. Fukien Chow Ee Meen with an order of fishball and a bowl of ice jelly thingy drink. Also located in the market upstairs. This was the usual lunch order after morning school (Form 4-5 days).
  5. Marmite Crabs in Seremban. Can't remember the name of the open air restaurant but it's somewhere near the market. Yum yum! These crabs are absolutely delish. When I would come home from the States for summer break, this is one of the definite places we would go so I could catch up on good ol' Malaysian seafood.

I'm sure you noticed by now that all the dishes above are hawker foods found in Seremban. Yeah, that was my life -- eating out. So actually my 5 memories is actually 1 big memory of hawker food. Yes, life not so colourful growing up in Seremban. Sigh! But now you know there are many wonderful things to eat in Seremban.

Ok, time to tag 5 other people. Wah, such a tall order for me. I just started blogging not long ago and don't have that many blog friends leh. So sorry if I don't know you but tag you.

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  1. Yum much to eat and more great food havens to sample mouth-watering cuisine! We, Malaysians, are a privileged lot..delicious food in abundance at every corner we turn; a delectable fusion of East meets West and an array of culinary delights to satisfy any craving! The selection is varied and simply awesome as our heritage and culture, don't you agree? -- I will never leave this country! : )

  2. Hi there,

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. I remember your name but sure of themuka...sorry. Well i haven't been blogging lately..hmmm so malas..but will start my october blogging with your meme....if not today...hopefully by 2mrw!!!

  3. Hey, this is where I got it from! :-) Great informative blog. I shall link back appropriately!


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