Thursday, November 09, 2006

Miracle of a Band Aid

I am always humored in the way band aids work on children. They are also known as "plaster" in this part of the world. Although the purpose of a band aid is to prevent germs and what not from entering the wound, it's effect on children seem to be more psychological rather than physical. My children has demonstrated this phenomena countless of times, the latest being this afternoon. Little D somehow managed to cut his thumb and upon seeing blood oozing out, screamed his head off. Oh, what demonstration of pain and suffering. The minute the band aid is on, all pain and suffering mysteriously disappears. And I am left wondering how a cut in the thumb has effected his ability to walk as he insist that he now must be carried. Sigh! A band aid is a necessity even in times when there is no sign of blood. When children insist that whatever they have needs a band aid, you cannot argue. I am thankful to whoever invented the band aid. It is the best pacifier a mother could ask for. It is an instant tear stopper. So if you see my children plastered all over with band aids, don't be alarmed. Usually it's nothing serious. It's just their way of getting some tender, loving care from their mother. I guess it does make the heart feel good to have your Mom give you a few minutes of pampering. Oh, I must not forget to add that the "magic blow" is quite effective as well. Nothing special, just blow on the wound but say it's magic. When they are young, they believe most anything. Afterall, most of the time it treating psychological wounds rather than physical ones :)


  1. So true Lian,

    I ahve to keep buying boxes and boxes of them. Alysha needs a plaster for every little cut or bruise, even a mosquito bite. LOL

  2. I am the mother of five children.I too have seen the wonders of the band-aid. don't know how it works but it does. I have seen my children fall lame from a scratch on the knee. Add a band-aid and it's a miracle they can walk again. :)

  3. There was once my son refuse to go to his sunday service. A mother came by and offered him some stickers. Guess what? It's the band-aid with disney cartoons on it. It's lovely.

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  5. I have 1 container of plasters EACH in my handbag, No.1's backpack, No.2's backpack. ALL different colours, shapes n sizes. ALL useful for mozzie bites, skin peeling, imaginary bruises..and of course, the real deal..the ones with blood in them. Kids !! *shakes head*


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