Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Scared in Your Own House?

When we moved to our current double storey house, my children was ecstatic because it has "upstairs and downstairs." But no matter how ecstatic they are, they do not like to be left alone on either floor. If I go downstairs, the troop goes with me. If I go upstairs, the troop starts screaming "wait for me, wait for me." If I need one of them to get something for me upstairs, the other must be recruited to be a companion before the task can be accomplished.
The other day I was watching television and the two kids were just making too much noise. I asked that they go upstairs to their playroom and the reply was "who is going to take care of us?"

What an interesting question indeed. Here are two kids who pester me every evening to let them go out of the house to play. If I say yes, they zip out the door like a hurricane. If I do not insist they stay inside the gate, they will be running on the road and to goodness knows where else in search of adventure and play. They couldn't care less if I was around to take care of them.

So, I just don't get it? Is inside the house more scary than outside the house where there are cars, strangers and other dangers? I asked my daughter this question and it was interesting to see her reaction. It was like a revelation to her that "yeah, how come I'm scared to go upstairs alone but I do not hesitate to run out of the house where it's more dangerous?"

Well, let's hope the little "lightbulb" that went off that minute stays lit and their fear of being upstairs or downstairs alone has been relinquished. I've been repeating over and over again that this is THEIR HOUSE. There is nothing to be scared of in your own house. Is it just my children or anyone else have this problem too?


  1. gee.. sounds so familiar to me.lol. I guess ghost can't hide outside but they can hide inside the house.

  2. sometimes my kids are like that when they are in a 'manja' mood. Mostly my son ... whenever we go upstairs he would say scared 'lizard'. Haha cos the other day while he went upstairs alone .. a little lizard fell down from the ceiling (the ceiling have a little ventilated opening). From then on ... its scared lizard. :P

  3. Hijackqueen,
    Guess you are right. Danger is not a concern, ghosts are worse than danger. Hahahah.

    At least got valid reason. Maybe also time to get out those rubberbands and teach your son to shoot the lizards.

  4. My kids were the same way, but their concern was that they'd miss something on the floor they weren't on.

  5. hi..thanx for dropping by my blog.

    So far I don't get this from Shaveena which sometimes I wished she did a bit cause she is tends go up on her own and even sit and do her own stuff alone downstairs.She sometimes like to play hide and seek whithout warning anyone - and keeps silent hiding somewhere alone as we go calling her name and I won't get any respond. That scares me actually!

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