Wednesday, November 29, 2006

What Would You Do For Ice Cream

D: Mommy, can we have ice cream?
Mommy: Show me how much you love me first (this is Mommy fishing for some hugs and kisses).
D: I will go outside and make noise so I don't disturb you (these kids are always jumping on the bed and talking with maximum volume when Mommy is trying to rest).
Mommy: Why must you make noise?
D: Because I don't know how to talk (Meaning he don' t know how to talk softly)
Mommy: How else can you show you love me?
D: If the T-Rex come, I will kill him for you.

K: Mommy, can we have ice cream?
Mommy: How much do you love me? (still thinking I will get some hugs and kisses)
K: I helped to shut down your computer just now.
Mommy: Yeah, but you were the one playing the computer so it's your responsibility anyway.
K: Just now when D was moody, I hug him so we don't fight.
Mommy: And what about your work?
K: I will do my math afterwards. I promise. If I don't, I won't have any junkfood. I PROMISE!
Mommy: Ok-lah, go and get your ice cream.

Still no hugs and kisses. But looks like I'm doing good in bringing up "loyar buruk" kids that know how to "bodek" to get what they want :)

* loyar buruk = smooth talking lawyers
* bodek = apple polishers

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  1. lol, you sure are a tricky mother. Let me try this out with my children. See what i get ;)


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