Friday, December 08, 2006

The Unfortunate Frog

Guess what daddy caught today? A FROG! Of course he was motivated by our little boy. D agreed with daddy's idea to put the frog in the cage so he could see it jump, jump, jump.... I agreed to go along with the idea coz' daddy said the frog would help reduce the number of flies that we've been having around the house due to his gardening (we've been throwing our kitchen waste into the garden to get it the ground more fertile, so that's been attracting flies). I've been conned. I don't think that frog will reduce the fly population here. I put him in the garden where the flies were buzzing but I don't think he could reach them. It was more like torture coz' he was staring at them, but could not get to them. Sigh! Let's see what happens to this frog.

And the question of the day is:

D asked that question and I just don't know the answer. Any takers?


  1. That was a really good question. I did some research (google rox0rz!) and this is what I found.

    First, to help with some background, what you have is most likely a toad (frogs don't have bumpy wart-like spots)

    The reason for those warts:
    "Toads and frogs are both amphibians, and all amphibians need to keep moisture in their skin. Since toads usually live far away from water for most of their lives, they need a thick skin that holds moisture really well--this thick skin looks bumpy. Frogs don't need this thick, bumpy skin, since they always live near water. So, frog skin is smooth." (

    Also more fun frog/toad facts here:

    Thanks to your son, I've learnt a lot today!

  2. Thank you Faye for doing the research. Next time I have a question, I know who to look for :) Kids do come up with the best questions sometimes, and answers too. Did your mom write down some of the funny things you said when you were young? That would be fun to read.

  3. because its a toad!

    oh, someone else answered already... :(


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