Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Looking Back 2006: December

I'm going to skip ahead to December coz' there is still some Christmas spirit hanging around. The kids woke up quite early and ran down to open their presents. Thank you to all our wonderful friends at church who gave our kids pressies.

The night before little D was not being very kind and we told him that if he didn't start behaving, Santa would come take his presents away. That was very worrying for him coz' the first question he asked when he opened his eyes was "Did Santa take my presents away?"

Later we headed over to church for a Christmas party. Good food and fun. DH prepared 3 dishes of chicken: Chicken stew, Chicken curry and Fried chicken. We were asked to only prepare chicken stew. Very ambitious when he is in the mood.

Overall, it was a calm Christmas for us.

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