Monday, December 11, 2006

File Folder Games

Once upon a time, I came across this idea of making File Folder Games for children. My DH had invested in buying a laminator and so I decided to make some simple, homemade games with both educational and entertaining values. I've written a bit on this on my other blog, along with pictures. Do check it out especially if you are looking on what else you can do to occupy your children's time:

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  1. One thing uniquely Montessori that I've learned is that the materials should be self-correcting so that the child can learn on their own.

    For example, matching puzzles with opposites, or numbers and quantities etc. They should each be cut out a different way so that the wrong ones don't fit together. That way without any prior taught knowledge, in the child's exploration, if he/she is observant he/she can figure out why those 2 things go together.

    Montessori is the advocate of learning through careful observation and experimentation. It's really wonderful because these big concepts are deeply rooted in the child's mind and they learn in a much better way throughout their lives.


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