Friday, March 09, 2007

Creative Fun

Pomelo's are common during the Chinese New Year period. My SIL (sister-in-law) is very good at peeling the pomelo. Well, this year after peeling the pomelo, the skin ended up on my son's head instead of the dustbin. Look how nicely it fits. He very much enjoyed this "helmet" and said he would use it the next time he went bicycling. Hahahah. However, that never happened. It soon was converted into a hero's helmet and then later into a race car helmet.
His sister decided she was not going to miss out on the fun. Her head was a little bit too big for the "helmet". But nevermind, she found some other use for it. Check out teddy's new transport. They tied a rafia string to the pomelo skin and then pulled teddy around.

It's quite amazing what kids can do with the ordinary things they have. My mom got my children a skipping rope. After skipping, it was made into a telephone. Then into a microphone. Later, it was attached to my front door and made into a rock climbers rope. Get a stick and whalla, you have a fishing pole. Need to occupy your children for a few hours, get a skipping rope.
Observing my children got me an education on creativity. I guess giving them all those free hours to play does have its benefits.

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