Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Deep Thoughts and Conversation

As I put down the phone:

K: Who is that mommy?
Me: Aunty
K: Which aunty?
Me: My step-mother
K: You have a step-mother?
Me: Yes.
K: How come? Did Amah die?
Me: No. She's in Seremban isn't she?
K: Then how come you have a step-mother?
Me: Amah and Ah Kong had a divorce and Ah Kong married another wife.
K: What is divorce?
Me: (cracking my head)...ummm... it means getting un-married. Divorce is like cancelling your marriage.

Thank goodness she didn't ask why they wanted to cancel their marriage.
Thought the conversation had ended but the next day, one more question.

K: Mommy, then you stayed with Ah Kong ah?
Me: Huh?
K: You know, when Amah and Ah Kong got divorced, you stayed with Ah Kong is it?
Me:No, me and all your "Ah Koos" (uncles) stayed with Amah.
K: How come?
Me: Because we are closer to Amah.
K: Did you miss Ah Kong?
Me: Eeeerrrrr... not really.
K: Why?
Me: Because I was only 2 years old and don't know anything.
K: When you 2 years old, you don't know anything ah?
Me: Yes.

End of conversation.

I never really thought to explain my parents situation to my children. Kind of caught me by surprise when all these questions came up. Next time must be more prepared.


  1. luckily the conversation didn't get too complicated yea..

  2. Wow! That's a pretty serious talk.. your daughter seems to understand family relationship. Better prepare yourself before she pops up more questions like this!

  3. Hi mom2ashley and geetha,
    Yes, I was lucky it didn't go any further. Was actually quite stumped and cracking my head what to say. The question on whether I missed my father never even occurred to me. Actually got me thinking. But in a way it shows her love for family. Meaning she would miss her father if he wasn't around. That's a good thing :)

  4. Children amazes me. I know I was once there (small, innocent, cute, adorable, .. oops i'm getting carried away).. but I always feel like they are from another world. But seriously, they are amazing.

  5. Hey Lyanne,
    When I was young and single, I also thought they were from another world. Until you become a mother, then you also from that same world. Hahah.

  6. We never thought to explain our parents to our kids (both our parents are divorced and mine are remarried). They understand who our parents are and who they are married/connected to...I think they think it is the norm...maybe it is.

    interesting. makes me think about an answer to that question when it comes up...or we bring it up.


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