Monday, March 19, 2007

Who Do I Look Like?

I had some fun putting together this little scrap. When we had Karina, we didn't use much of a digicam. Most of the photos were blurr. Poor girl. Her better photos are in a photo album. And look at Damus! Look at his hair! Hahaha. So much and so crazy. It was a good decision to give it an army cut.

Anyway, the reason why I did this scrap was because when you have a baby, people will start making comments about who they look like. With my first two, people would compare them to us, the parents. But with Danic, his looks has been compared to the sis/bro rather than the parents. Quite interesting actually.

So far, I've had mixed comments. Some say he looks like the sister and some say he looks like the brother. I thought I'd put their baby photos next to each other to see who was right.
What do you think? Does Danic look like the sister or the brother?


  1. I think danic and damus got same nose.. other than that... he looks himself :)

  2. a&a'smom21 March, 2007 18:08

    I think he look diff from his koko & che che.


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