Monday, August 20, 2007

Baby Milestones: 7 months

Everyday is a busy day now with baby roaming around the open spaces. He isn't yet crawling on all fours but rather crawls army style. But I'm sure he will 'upgrade' soon. He can pull himself into an 'all fours' position, rocks to and fro before lunging forward.
I call him my little 'octopus' because it seems like he has 8 hands. Plus everything goes into the mouth that is now sprouting 2 tiny but razor sharp teeth.

It is easier now that he can sit steadily. But he is not much of a sitter. He is always trying to pull himself into a standing position.

One thing I find rather amusing and amazing is how he 'gravitates' towards the playroom and to his siblings. When I put him down on the floor, he will crawl to the playroom, push the door open and invite himself in. He looks so contented just being in the room with his siblings making noise and havoc around him. Once in a while he will look my way and give a cheeky smile.

Mama's tip for 'octopus hands' babies:
1. Don't snatch things away from them. It is normal for us to sort of panic when we see them put dirty, inedible things in their mouth or when they grab something to the point of destruction. We yell 'NOOOOOO' and then try to snatch the thing away as quickly as we can. Make a conscious effort to 'nicely' tell baby that you want the thing e.g. "Baby, please give Mommy?" and then gently take it away. I find that when I do this, baby will usually ease up his grip. So if he's grabbed a piece of paper or a book, I am able to take it away without ripping it apart. Plus, baby will grow up not learning to snatch but rather be exposed to good manners. Now, I just have to train my little babysitters (his siblings) not to snatch things away from baby :)


  1. a&a'smom20 August, 2007 19:01

    Hehehe, look at those lotus root legs & hand!

  2. Yes, have to be gentle to babies.

  3. You are good with kids. I respect you a lot for all the things you do on your 3 kids...Keep it up.

  4. haha...most of the time, we too "kan cheong" ya...

  5. Hi L--that is such a cute image of your little one crawling army style (smile).

    That's a great tip on "octopus" hands!

  6. a&a's mom:
    This is one heavy baby. That's why I'm glad he can sit now. I can cut down the carrying a bit.

    Yes, even when they stuffing their face with a UFO (Unidentified Foreign Object). Hehehe.

    Thanks for the compliments, but I'm not THAT good with kids. Still have monster moments. But I do take time to analyze what I can improve on. Plus, I'm surrounded by plenty of mommies who share wonderful tips and are good examples themselves.

    Mummy to qiqi:
    Natural reaction right?

    Thanks. He is a real cutie pie. Took me 3 children before I thought of this tip. Wonder what other epiphanies I'll have IF I have more kids. Hahahah.

  7. he's a little michelin. managing 3 kids alone must be really tough but i salute u ... u r really good.

  8. Hi..I find your boy is tall and big for his age.. thanks for sharing!

  9. Twin:
    Managing baby is not much of a problem. Managing the older ones is the headache :)

    Yes, he is tall and big for his age. He is only 7 months old but wearing the shirts his brother wore when he was almost 2 years old. We keep telling Damus that baby will outgrow him one day.

  10. Hi Lian thanks for visiting my home!:) You have a great blog here. It's a wonder that you can manage 3 children on your own! Me,I have one yet and there were times when I still don't have a nanny that sometimes it gets too physically tiring.

    My baby will turn 8 mos on 9/15. He grabs and eats almost everything he can reach and my instant reaction is to pull it away from him. But I try not to anymore as long as I am sure it's clean. He has a different way of crawling he can pull up his head with his both hands straight on the mat but he lifts his butt with his head face down on the mat. Now he can move forward but not really in a proper crawling position. He also prefers to stand than to sit. He jumps up & down when someone sings an upbeat song. WHat I love most and also my hubby is when he clearly calls out mama and papa!


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