Friday, August 03, 2007

Tag Time Again

Time to once more catch up on my tags.

J@n!ce tagged me on 10 random things about MY MUM.
Here it goes:

1. My mom joined a beauty pageant when she was a teenager (I think, not sure how old, or rather young she was), and got third place. That picture is somewhere in the photo album.
2. My mom still plays golf in the mornings and sometimes, line dancing after. Yes, still very active. Not sure if it's polite to tell you her age but here's a hint, she is born in the year of the snake.
3. She used to play badminton for the Tunku Ampuan of Negeri Sembilan team. I remember going with her on a badminton tourney trip to Terengganu. They had chartered a bus and we were suppose to stop to see the turtles at Rantau Panjang but it rained :(
4. My mom is a pro-mahjung player (but she don't like to play the type with jokers). She says she has stopped playing but she's said that many times in this life time. Hahahah. Sure you can stop ah mommy?
5. She don't like western food. She's a "char kway teow-hokkien mee" type of person.
6. She was a primary school teacher. I know she taught English and music. Not sure if she taught any other subjects. I asked her just the other night if she had taught me how to read. She said "no". Apalah Mommy, you are an English teacher but never teach me how to read? Hahahah.
7. She has a D24 durian tree that has been fruiting very nice durians the last few years. All her neighbours and friends benefit from her generosity. Including me lah :)
8. As a baby, she was given away to her aunt as there were a lot of girls already in the family. So her aunt became her mother and her mother became her aunt. Aiyoh, pening kepala when we visit relatives from her side. We are always asking "real relative or not real (as in adopted) relative"?
9. She can play the piano without notes. She taught her ownself how to play and plays by ear.
10. She loves gardening. Her garden is full of flowers.

I tag:
1. Mom2Ashley
2. Mia Bambina
3. Tracy


Next tag is from The New Parent. He wants to know what I'll do with $1000000 (One Million Dollars)?
IFFFFF I had that kind of money, of course I will do the normal of investing to generate more income, invest in my children's future, upgrade the house and car, donate to charity etc....
BUT the one thing I think would be kewl to do is to open a dinosaur themed restaurant with a not-to-be-missed gigantic play area. YEAH! If anybody actually do this ah, better pay me some sort of fees okay. I'm gonna copyright this idea. Come to think of it... I think $1000000 is not enough leh.

I tag:
1. Faye
2. Lyanne
3. KarenYiau
4. Mommy of 2 Angels
5. Hui Sia

Rules of Engagement:
Proposition: If You Have $1,000,000.00…………………………………

1st - Tag 5 bloggers, list down their blog and link to their blog.
2nd - Let the blogger you want to tag know they have been tagged by commenting on their blog.
3rd - Add your own blog link to the list below.

What They Would Do With Their $1 Million:
1. SYH will spend for Family.
2. Miche will give to the needy.
3. Montessorimum will keepsake
4. Healthfreakmommy will keep, invest, spend and give to the needy.
5. The New Parent would use for education and charity.
6. Mamas Bag of Tricks would open a dinosaur themed restaurant


  1. Wah..your mother sounds very wonderful!!

    BTW, i have done this tag :)
    If not mistaken, i still owe you a tag, right?? Will do it asap! :)

  2. your mum is a REAL WOMAN !!! Really salute her for being able to do so much until now. She must be a happy going person :)

  3. wow, your mum is a "tough" woman... enjoying life to the fullest :)

  4. ....a dinosaur themed restaurant?! Whew, now what made you think of that? Will they serve dinosaur meat there (wink), because I think they're still extinct.

    Maybe a bronto-burger or a t-rex salad?

    Hmmmm .... interesting (smile).

    Thank you for participating in this tag!

  5. Lian, ur mum look very "keng" wor .. very amazed for u. lucky u didnt tag me about this tag. Cos i cant answer u .. i been separate from my mum when i was baby . know "nut" about her *-* ...too bad.

  6. nice tag. This time is not about us. it's about our mum! :)

    And, your mum is cool! Antie, u very "yeng" (smart) ler... :)

  7. wow your mum play golf, so active.

  8. Huisia,
    Nowadays very difficult to find people to tag. Seems like everyone has already been tagged. Hahahah.

    Mummy to qiqi:
    You are spot on. She is a very happy going person.

    Yes, she is enjoying life to the fullest. Her agenda always full.

    Got the idea because my son is a big dinosaur fan. I think it would be T-rex burger rather than salad coz' T-rex is a carnivore. Can't make that mistakes with kids you know. They'll jump at your throat. Heheheh.

    anggie's journel:
    Oooh, didn't know about that little history of yours. Sorry. But I'm sure you've had other people that cared for you as much right?

    I'm sure my mother will be sooo happy to hear all these comments.

    Yes, still playing golf. Now that I"ve been out of action so long, she probably play better than me now. Hahahah.

  9. Your mom do have great activities.

    It's nice to read wonderful things about her. I wish you both a wonderful life.

  10. your mommy so terror & so suuuupeeer!

  11. Hi ailian, are you by any chance from Seremban? I have a feeling that our mothers may know each other! Hint: SIGC

  12. ruoyi@chloe:
    YES. So, who's your mom eh? Write me at


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