Wednesday, March 25, 2009

3rd Month of Pregnancy

I'm already a little past the 3rd month of pregnancy but the morning sickness is still around. It's not too bad during the day time but I really get uncomfortable in the evenings. At least I'm hardly puking anymore. Energy level is still down. Doing a little bit of work still exhausts me. If I need to do anything, it has to be in the morning. That's when I feel the most normal.

Eating is still a big problem. Gone is my appetite for noodles like "Chee Cheong Fun". Now, the only thing that strikes my fancy are sandwiches: chicken ham- a slice of cheese- pieces of apple, tuna in mayo-scrambled eggs-pieces of apple.

I was eating a lot of oranges last month. This month, the fruits of choice are watermelon, plums and apple. The mango tree at the back of my house started fruiting. What good timing. I managed to pull some down (while getting bitten by some angry red ants) to make 3 jars of pickled mangoes. Aaaah, a pregnant women's dream food.

I don't know what kind of mangoes they are but they are not that sweet. Anyway, I pluck them green so I have sour mangoes -- just nice to be pickled or to eat with rojak sauce. To pickle it is very easy. After cutting it up, I just rub them with salt. Leave it on for a while. Then I add on lots of sugar and put them into jars. After 1-3 days, you will see the mangoes give off some juice. So, don't need to add water or anything. This is how my FIL did it, so I just follow his method. I'm sure there are other ways to pickle mangoes.

Last checkup at the clinic, I lost 2kg. I'm now 64.2kg. I've not been below 65 kg for a looooong time. I'm sure I will start piling up the weight once I get my appetite back. I'm soooo looking forward to eating curry mee.

The tummy seems to be getting a little bigger. I haven't felt baby's movement yet. Hmmm... when do you start feeling the baby move? Pregnant for the 4th time and I still don't know this fact. Hahahah.


  1. a&a'smom25 March, 2009 17:23

    Abhijay made pickled mango last week for his Science project (Preserving Food). We cut the mangoes, salt it & then rinse it off. Then add vinegar & salt to it.
    I never have the prob of losing weight esp during pregnancy. I never thot ppl lose weight when they r pregnant. Every mth I used to get fired from my OBGYN for putting on so much weight.

  2. Between 18-20 weeks :-) Mine's kicking!!!

  3. a&a'smom:
    Wah, I like your son's school leh. Such fun projects. And now you don't have to worry about excess weight coz' you are a super exercise coach/mom.

    Big Pumpkin:
    Thanks. I guess I have a few weeks to go. Looks like you have another lively one. Hehehe.

  4. lian, i'm salivating after seeing those pickled mangoes. i guess i will have to make some this weekend. i used to fancy pickled stuff before but not sure i'll like them now...if i does, it'll be a big treat. anyway, enjoy reading your blog n keep it up.
    lo wai teng from good ole convent


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