Thursday, March 05, 2009

Baby Milestones: 27 Months Old

I guess I shouldn't call these posts "baby milestones" anymore coz' BabyD is really more of a toddler now. It's been a while since I've done an update on him so I'm sure I'm going to leave something out. Well, these are some of his latest developments:
  • He still isn't speaking very clearly, so he still gets a lot of puzzled faces from us. Most of the time we only hear the vowels in the words. For example, "orange" becomes "o-in". But the important thing is that he is trying to speak and is now able to string 2-3 words together. You just need to have a mother's ears to interpret what he is saying. Actually... let me rephrase that... you need to have MY ears coz' I think other mother's won't get what he is saying either:)

  • He likes to count. I'm surprised that he can count from 1-12 and not miss a single number.

  • He still loves to read books. I now leave out the last words to the sentences in the book and let him fill in the blank.

  • He is pretty good in playing matching games. He can identify which pictures are the same. I will sometimes do activities with him to match shapes, colors and alphabets. I played a memory game with him -- you know, picture cards that are laid face down and you try to pick 2 that look the same. I was surprised that he could remember where some of the pictures were.

  • He is now a computer addict! I introduced him to a few weeks ago and now he is hooked on it. After 1 week, he learned how to navigate the mouse. He now will move the mouse and click the images on his own. His favorite alphabets would be "T" (that's where the choo-choo train is), "A" (coz' he loves the dancing astronaut), and "Z" (coz' it's got that catchy "zig-zag" song).
    He can even do some of the activities on the website. For example, there's one where he has to put the capital A in one basket and the smallcaps A in another. He gets it done with 100% accuracy. And for the letter T, he has to identify which of the 3 letters don't make the /t/ sound. He gets that right too. Okay, I'm sorry if I sound like I'm bragging. Really, that is not my intention. I'm just always amazed when they learn things so fast.

    Even though engrossed with the computer, he still can take a break and give mommy a pose for the camera. Now a pose means saying "cheese" and making the peace sign.

  • He is totally weaned off breastmilk. I decided to do it 1 week before Chinese New Year. I tried using the chilli sauce trick but it wasn't very successful. I also tried the "nen-nen is injured and have to put a bandaid" trick (which worked for KokoD) but that failed too. So, I had to use the cruel method - just refuse to give in. Sigh! Stressful I tell you. Sometimes I would be able to distract him with other goodies like juice or biscuits. If he was sleepy, I would bargain and say I would sing him to sleep instead. I must say, he is really a good little boy and give in to some of my bargains. Unfortunately, bargains don't work at 4am. Mommy and daddy just have to endure the angry screaming. Poor neighbours too. Thank goodness we didn't receive any complains. I would say his early morning protests lasted for about 2 weeks? Or maybe it was 1 week but felt like more. Hahahah. Anyway, it just goes to show that there is no one way to wean a child. I had to do it differently for all 3 of mine. You just need to find a way that is suitable for the child.

  • We are still working on the potty training. There are still plenty of accidents. A successful day depends heavily on our memory to remind him to go. And though he will tell you that the toilet is the place to poo-poo, I still need to catch the little grunts that indicate there is some "big business" going on.

  • He is very thoughtful and quite well mannered. If you do something for him, he will immediately say "ta-too" -- that means "thank you." One night, he laid his head on my tummy. After a few seconds, he got up and looked at me. Pointing to my tummy, he said "ba-bee? Uack, uack?" He was concerned if he slept on baby, I would feel like vomiting. Hahahah. Now that is consideration I wish my other 2 kids would practice a little.


  1. Everytime, I read your blog and saw your 3 kids's pic, I am tempted to expand my family. Hahaha....

  2. a&a'smom06 March, 2009 12:01

    Aiyoh, BB D sure sounds really adorable & really smart! Pls give him a big kiss from me. Soon u be blogging abt ur new addition, cant wait!

  3. Haha..BabyD is so nice and well-mannered ...and not to mentioned smart! Yep I totally agree that kids their age learn things VERY QUICKLY! Did i tell u my KY(few mths older than BabyD) can scold me back using the words I used to reprimand her? Wow..time to keep check on how I teach/talk to her! :P

  4. Sheoh Yan:
    I will be your biggest supporter :)

    I'll give him a big slobbering kiss for you. Yeah, soon I will have to start a new set of baby milestones post.

    It doesn't sound so bad when we say it but when they repeat it, it does sound bad huh? Hahahah. I totally understand.

  5. Walau ... you breastfed him till this CNY ar .. terror lah you! Congrats man!

  6. Yes only mama can know what their little one talking. When other show puzzled face, mama can correct them eg. Baby not o-in, ORANGE. They know thm best hahaha.


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