Friday, March 27, 2009

Family Outing to FRIM

This is about our family outing to FRIM (Forest Reserve Institute of Malaysia) during the last school holidays. We wanted to go somewhere near and cheap - so FRIM was the right choice for us. The day was really quite interesting and at the end, there were a lot of "thank you"s to say to Heavenly Father.

First of all, the car tyre was flat even before we left the house. DH managed to replace it. About 10 minutes into our journey, there was a weird sound from under the car. It was getting louder and clearly, something was wrong. DH said maybe it was the car's arm coz' the mechanic did say it needed changing. We turned around to go home. Poor KokoD was really disappointed. He was looking forward to playing at the waterfalls.

The car was getting difficult to maneuver but we managed to get home all right. The moment DH got down from the car, he figured out what was wrong -- he hadn't tightened the nuts on the wheel when he changed it. He couldn't tighten the nuts when the car was jacked up. He was going to do it after he lowered the car down. But the kids were being noisy (as usual) and he claimed to be distracted (as usual), and so forgot to proceed with the tightening. Soooo, we got those nuts tightened and off we went again.

First stop at FRIM was to go look at the huge Toman fish they were rearing at a pond. DH said there was an 8 feet Toman but we didn't see it. I think the biggest we spotted was about a 4 footer.

On the bridge looking for the elusive "monster" Toman.

Then off we went to the waterfalls. We picked a spot towards the bottom of the falls because K had scrapped her knee earlier in the week and couldn't walk properly. (In fact, she was hopping on 1 leg the whole week, like she was suffering from a broken leg. But that is another "dramatic" story). So, there was no way we could climb higher.

This looks like a nice place but it's too high for K to climb.

Here we are at the lowest part of the falls.

BabyD at first complained that the water was too cold. He chose instead to help himself to the goody bag. This boy just loves to eat. Throughout the day, his hobby is looking for things to eat.

But eventually, he found his way into the water and enjoyed himself thoroughly. They splashed around for about an hour or so. When they declared they were ready to call it quits, DH made a surprising discovery as he was helping them get out -- SNAKE!

Yes, lurking nearby under the rocks was a black and yellow snake. That just made getting out of the water a speedier process. No one got hurt (including the snake). We cleaned up at the public toilet nearby and headed to look for a place to eat lunch. KokoD was a bit traumatized... actually not really traumatized but quite disturbed. He kept saying "stupid snake, stupid snake." In the end we had to tell him we were kidding just so he would stop saying "stupid snake."

  • DH didn't give up on the idea of going to FRIM even when he saw the flat tyre (and that his mood didn't turn black as thunder.)
  • We didn't get into an accident because of the loose tyre that was wobbling all over the place as we drove.
  • That the snake didn't decide my kids look like yummy lunch or decide to join in the fun.
  • I didn't get morning sickness while we were out (but crashed on the bed when we got home).


  1. That's such a fabulous idea, the gratitude list. Can I curi that idea?

  2. I would love to take my lil one out but somehow I hate mud & sand & dirty stuff .. but kids do have to learn to be dirty right? Ok Ok.

  3. Ya pinic and outing to FRIM is fun. Long time I never been there.

  4. Big Pumpkin:
    Of course you can curi the idea.

    Family First:
    Looks like mommy needs to learn to be dirty first. Hahahaha.

    Next school holidays is waiting for you.

  5. A trip to FRIM? This is a good idea! I think I will suggest this place to visit on one of the school holidays..... thanks for the great idea! :)


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