Monday, September 21, 2009

BabyK is Born!

BabyK decided to come a few days earlier than the due date. This is a record in the family as all her siblings were over due.

The labour was really fast. Actually, I was having some pain throughout Sunday (13 Sept). But it was mild and not very consistent. I did wonder if I was dilated though. Next day I went about as usual. Halfway cooking lunch for the kids I had to turn off the stove and conclude that it was indeed time to go to the hospital. Made sure I took a bath first.

Contractions started around 10:30am. I got to the hospital around 11:45am (darn those big lorries and other slow moving vehicles). Contractions were about 3 minutes apart then and quite intense. Nurse did a quick check and found me 9cm dilated (full dilation is 10cm). So everything had to be in rushed mode. The nurse even said, "please don't push yet, you need to give us time to prepare you." The contractions were pretty intense that I had trouble changing into the hospital gown and climbing onto the delivery bed. Once on the bed, the doctor burst my water bag and gave me the go ahead to push if I felt like it. It was as if she said the magic words coz immediately after that I needed to push. With 3 long, hard and painful pushes baby was out. Time of birth... 12:09pm. Baby was 3.37kg.

After I was all stitched up and cleaned, they called DH to come in. So, just for your information, if you deliver at Sg. Buloh hospital, they do allow your husbands to come in for a few minutes and that only after baby is delivered. With regards to the service there, it is okay. I just wished they did a better job at informing me what was going on. For example, I had to ask if I was dilated before the nurse announced I was at 9cm. After delivery, baby was put under observation for 2 hours. I was not told about this and was left in the delivery room waiting and waiting and waiting. Even after I asked what was the complication, there was no explanation, just a simple "your baby is okay". Other than that, the staff is pretty nice.

I was discharged the next evening. Total bill = RM44. Hah! Can you beat that? For my stay, they charged RM3 per day. Most expensive item on the bill was the blood test at RM28. All my prenatal checkups were also free coz' I did them at the g'ment clinic. So you see, you really don't need to spend several thousand dollars to have a baby.

Well, I'm enjoying having a tiny baby to hold again.Breastfeeding is going great. She's been a really good baby so far. Going through a lot of diapers though. Her siblings adore her and all fight for a turn to carry her.

So here we start babyK's story. Check back for more updates.


  1. Congrats Ailian! Happy for u!!!!

    Welcome BabyK to this big big world!

    She looks amazingly matured and solemn..

    A wise gal I bet!

    CHeers to mommy n Dad n big koko n jiejie of course!

    Can't wait to meet the new girl someday!


  2. Oh, I missed this post. Congrats, Ailian! 2 girls and 2 boys... perfect! :-) (Hope you still remember me)

  3. Hi, Congrats! I have missed out a lot though! But, better late than never! She is so lovely and so cute! You are so lucky to have 2 girls and 2 boys now! Sudah cukup? *wink* God bless and congrats again!

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