Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Life with baby #4

So, babyK is now about 2 weeks plus. How is life with 4 kids? Still okay coz' DH is handling some areas such as cooking and bathing baby. It's a good thing I have him to help at home. However, things will get more hectic for me the next few more days coz' I have to take back my kitchen duty. I foresee lots of "sandwich" days.

As for sleep, I'm one of the lucky ones that is NOT suffering from sleep deprivation. This baby has been good so far. Doesn't cry at nights. In fact, she's a really good sleeper and would almost sleep throughout the night. Even if she wakes up for a feed, she's right next to me and I feed her lying down. Sometimes I have to wake her to feed.

My SIL asked me "what's the difference between my eldest girl and this baby?" With my eldest, I kept my eye on the clock. Fed baby every 2 hours (even during the nights). Being a first time mother then, I was more...ermm... diligent (I think that is the best word to describe it). I also would breastfeed her sitting up. With baby #4, I don't really recall what time was her last feed. I just feed on demand. Feeding is not dependent on the clock anymore. Feeding time is when she cries or when the boobies starts to leak. Yeah, you gotta love your own body. It's got its own alarm clock. So with baby #4, things are more relaxed.

I gotta tell ya, one of the most beneficial lesson you should learn as a new mother is how to feed your baby lying down. And I'm an advocate of sleeping with your baby. Don't worry about "how am I going to kick them out of my bed later?" To me, it is more important that you first address the question of "how am I going to get enough rest?" Definitely not by getting out of bed 3-4 times throughout the night to take your baby out of the crib so he/she can be fed (or whatever). With baby lying next to you, you just turn to face her/him and have her/him latch on, then you keep on sleeping (well, that's what I do, hehehe). Well, I'll have to get up at least once to change her diaper.

One thing that I've forgotten about newborns is the many, many, many diapers they use in one day. AND, babyK just loves pooping into fresh diapers. I brought 6 diapers to the hospital, thinking it was enough for 24 hours. Before 12 hours was up, I only had 1 spare left. So pregnant mothers, make sure you have PLENTY of diapers in your hospital bag, like half a pack!

I think I've spoilt babyK by carrying her too much. I can't help it. How often does one get to cuddle tiny little babies. They're just not that much fun when they get bigger. Also I think she gets tummy aches (maybe wind). So the cuddling and rocking helps to settle her.

Anyway, I'm glad babyD is a very understanding boy. He doesn't make a fuss or cause any trouble when he sees me carrying baby. If he needs some loving, he now runs to his daddy. Daddy feels like he is 2nd choice. Only when mommy is not available does he get "chosen". Hahahah.

BabyK in her new baby carrier (Halford Elite Classic).


  1. Hi Lian, beautiful baby you have there. Love her eyes....guess she has her mom's attractive looks.
    Have fun and keep well, Lee.

  2. Congratulations Lian. The other day I came to post a congatulatory message to you but dunno why tak jadi. You have lovely children. How blessed you are. Take care.

  3. a&a'smom01 October, 2009 17:27

    She's getting prettier day by day!

    I too slept with my Abilash for 3 yrs as he woke up 6 x to feed at nght!

  4. Lovely baby with an equally lovely name!

  5. Congrats Lian. I haven't visited your blog for a while and I was just thinking about you yesterday and then you came to say hi. Your baby girl is gorgeous - she has beautiful eyes with double eyelids *envy*! So you're now a proud mummy of a pair of boys and a pair of girls. Lucky!

  6. she looks gorgeous! we must meet so the babies can play! I have an easy baby too, she wakes for 5-10mins feeds then dozes back. Most times I dont bother burping her till morning & then lots of burps come out, even spit ups. I love cuddling my bb 2 as I know its d last time I get 2 hold my own bb :-)


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