Tuesday, September 01, 2009

SpellQuizzer Review and Giveaway

Here's another effective spelling software for parents who want to improve their children's spelling - SPELLQUIZZER!

AND I have 1 free license to giveaway (valued at USD29.95)

Let me tell you a little bit about this software. I was given a license to this and have tested it on my own children. What can I say, they love it even though there are no cartoon graphics or animation. It's a simple program where you input your own list of words that you want your children to learn.

The interface looks like the image above. So first you click on "create a spelling list". There will be a place for you to type in the word. Then you record your voice and give a sentence that contains the word. So for example, you want your children to spell the word "butterfly". You type in the word "butterfly", then you press the record button and say "Butterfly. A caterpillar grows up to be a butterfly." End the recording session.

So you do this for each word until you've created your list. Obviously you'll need a microphone to record your voice. If you don't have one, you can still use this software. You'll have to type in a description of the word instead. However, it's better to do the voice recording. That way children can hear the word instead of trying to guess the word by reading your sentence.

Click here for a video on how it works:
SpellQuizzer Spelling Software Demonstrations

Don't feel intimidated about recording your own voice. It's quite fun actually coz' you can say funny things to make your children's spelling practice more enjoyable. For example, one of the words I gave my children to spell was "over", and I said "baby like to crawl over jie-jie's stomach". They thought it was so funny. Also, my daughter insisted she wanted to record her own voice. That was even better for me coz' she not only get to practice her spelling, she also gets to practice making sentences.

Actually, you also have the option of importing a spelling list. These lists have been pre-recorded by someone else. Click here to see the downloadable spelling lists.

So after you've created your list, you give it a name and then, when you want your children to practice their spelling, you go to the interface and select "quiz me on a list!" The words will be played one by one. If your child spells it incorrectly, immediately a box will pop up with both the right and wrong spelling (so they can compare and know where they went wrong).

Who is SpellQuizzer for?
  • Children who have to take spelling tests in school.
  • Children who want to prepare for spelling contests or spelling bees.
  • Homeschoolers. (Click here for a page specially for homeschoolers: SPELLQUIZZER FOR HOMESCHOOLERS )
  • Parents who want to improve their children's spelling and improve their vocabulary.
Here is a video of my 2yrs 8mths old son using this software. He knows the sounds of all the alphabets and can also recognize what they look like. I'm guessing he likes to "play" SpellQuizzer because he gets to type on the keyboard like us adults :) So for him I have a simple list of "a-h". His spelling lists goes something like this "/a/ for apple", "/b/ for ball" etc.... And he just types in the right letters. He does get it wrong sometimes because the keyboard is in capital letters instead of smallcaps.

This is a downloadable kids spelling software, not an online program.

As mentioned earlier, I have 1 free license to giveaway. This is what you need to do to participate in this lucky draw. Each action is considered 1 entry for the lucky draw.

1. Leave a comment here, tell me why you like this software. If you want to test it out for yourself, click here to download a FREE TRIAL.
2. Subscribe to my Family Book Store (http://valuebookshop.com). Go to the website and you'll find a box on the sidebar where you enter your email address. There's a button that says "subscribe".
3. Write a short blog post about SpellQuizzer. In your post, use these words "downloadable kids spelling software" and link it to http://valuebookshop.com/2009/spellquizzer-downloadable-kids-spelling-software/. That's where I have my full review of the program. Give me the link to your post.

Since my baby is due to come out 17 Sept 2009, I will have to make this contest short.
Last day for entries: 14 Sept 2009
Who is eligible: Everyone, all over the world

Once again I will assign each entry a number and then use random.org to choose the winning number. I will post who the winner is on the 15th Sept 2009. Hopefully, baby doesn't decide to come out earlier than the due date. Hahahah.


  1. I want this spellquizzer, Lian! :)

    The reason why I like it... it makes learning Spelling more.

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    The reason why I like it... it makes learning Spelling more fun.

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    I like to win this spellquizzer! I feel that it'll helped in making spelling and learning fun for kids as it seems like games for them!

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  5. thanks for the info.
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