Friday, February 05, 2010

The Aroma Of Homemade Bread

For the longest time I've wanted to get a breadmaker. Well, I finally got one. Tesco came out with their own brand and it only costs RM199. That's real cheap compared to other brands, and there's not much choice here in Malaysia.

So, how did my bread turn out? Take a look.

So far I've only done simple white bread. Turns out quite nice. I want to do whole wheat bread because it's healthier. Unfortunately stupid me bought the wrong thing when I went to the baking shop. I was suppose to get whole wheat flour, I got whole wheat instead. Anybody knows what I can do with whole wheat?

Just in case you're wondering how to make bread with a breadmaker, here's basically what you do: Throw in the ingredients in the recommended order (read the instruction manual). Mine says to put liquids first (water, oil, milk), then the dry stuff (flour, salt, sugar) and last of all, yeast on top. Press a few buttons to select the mode and color of crust. Then, press start. Walla! 3 hours later, you have nice, warm bread to eat.

I am going to enjoy my breadmaking the next few weeks. Anybody have a nice breadmaker recipe, please share.


  1. Hi Ai Lian,

    I used to bake with my aunt's breadmaker(cost over MYR600). It's really yummy!

    The other day DH & I saw this Tesco brand too and was attracted by the price too but unsure how good it turned after reading your post...feel tempted to update us more of your experiments!

    Just to share, you might like to try adding some of these items to create different kinds of bread:
    -Orange/Lemon juice & rinds(not too much..taste bitter)
    - sunflower seets, walnuts, apricots,all kinds of nuts your kids like
    - pumpkin mashes

    These are some which I have personally tried..if u got oven, you can even make your own dough with the breadmaker and then make simple croissant and baguette with it...

    Talking about the aroma..missed those days baking homemade bread!

    And oh yes, I got my baking ingredients from Bake of Yen(if i got the name correctly..), they sells all sorts of ingredients for reasonable price and quite variety too...where did you get yours?


  2. AlohaMolly:
    Thanks for the tips. Tried a little grated cheese yesterday. I put it on the timer so I would have fresh bread in the morning. The cheese looked like lumped one side and not distributed evenly. Maybe I didn't put it in correctly.
    I used to get stuff from Bake with Yen when I was living in PJ. But nearest to me now is Bagus in Shah Alam. I didn't see any wholewheat flour there. Maybe I should have asked.

  3. I am currently interested in breadmaker - read alot, but no action yet. Takut I will fail. Can u post up a few photos of the machine and steps taken to make the bread?

  4. Hi Lian,

    This is great!!!!!! Reasonable price for workable result. How is the texture of the bread? Is it soft?

    I used to make bread using hands to knead. You may find plenty of recipes on the net.

    Oh yes! Please post up how the breadmaker looks like and some steps operating it, please!

    I would like to give it a try!

  5. Ok, Ok, I will take photos of the breadmaker and the steps when I make the bread again. The bread is nice and soft. The crust a little hard. There are 3 settings for the crust - light, medium and dark. Medium is the default setting. I will try the light setting and see if the crust is softer.

    Bits of Taste: I used to knead by hand too. Could never get the texture like the ones we buy at the store. This one is soft and springy. But of course will get a little dry after 2 days. But usually the bread is already eaten before then :)

  6. Thanks Lian for your kind tips! Waiting anxiously for your photos!

  7. My Cosway BM has just broken down yesterday (after getting all the ingredient inside grrrrr).. today I read abt ur tesco brand.. cant wait to see the pic of the BM. Thinking of kenwood but..need to substitute with my future netbook hihihi

  8. May I know the model of the Breadmaker you got from Tesco? Thanks.

  9. It's a Tesco brand. You can see how it looks like in this post:


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