Thursday, February 11, 2010

Funny Conversation With Kids

On the way to "pasar malam" yesterday, this is a conversation we had in the car. Don't even know how we got to that topic.

D1: Mommy, a teacher died in the toilet
Me: Huh? Who told you that?
D1: Another teacher. He said a teacher died in the toilet because of the smell.
Me: What? Died because of the smell?
D1: Yeah, we cannot go to the toilet so many times. One teacher, one time only. For example, if I go to the toilet when teacher xxx is there, then if I want to go again cannot. But if it's another teacher, then can.
Daddy: You all don't flush the toilets izzit? Nobody wash the toilets ah?
JiejieK: Ya, nobody wash. The toilet "memang" smelly. Every time I go I have to hold my breath.
D1: Oh, I don't do that. I just smell.
Me and daddy: Wakakakakakakaka

And D1 innocently asked, why you all laughing?


  1. Just drop by to wish you & ur family
    A prosperous and wonderful Chinese New Year!May good luck be with you all in the year of TIGER .Gong Xi Gong Xi !!!!!!

  2. I can imagine how cute the conversation was. Till today, I still have nightmares of the dirty, stinky and wet toilets that we had to endure during my school days, eeeewwww, hahahahah!


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