Thursday, April 08, 2010

Baby is Almost 7 Months Old

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From the moment she opens her eyes, she is ready to explore. She can wiggle her way around now and she's always after something e.g. books and papers left on the floor, water bottles, the table fan buttons. I can't imagine when she can actually crawl. That means she will get to things faster. Oh boy! Right now she can push herself off the floor. She's been practicing hard. She gets on all fours and rock back and forth, as if ready to launch. Her siblings say she is doing "pumping" exercises. No wonder she has so much upper body strength. Hehehe.

I see no teeth coming thru yet.

She can call for you like if she wants you to carry her. Instead of saying mama or papa, she will just whine like "hmmmm hmmmmm" and have her hands stretched out.

She's not really eating solids these days. She seems to have lost interest. Maybe it is because she was sick a few weeks ago. But there is no fast rule that babies must eat solids at this age. Until she is ready, breastmilk is still #1.

Lil' K, lil' K, you really know how to keep your mommy on her toes.

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