Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Gum Care Tip

A few weeks ago my teeth became extra, extra sensitive to cold. I ended up in a dentist's chair to get rid of a toothache. I had a hole in my tooth and had to get a filling. But the hole was not my only problem, I have a very bad case of receding gum lines.

The dentists asked me if I brushed my teeth very hard and use hard bristle toothbrushes. My answer "Yes". She asked me how long I have been brushing this way. My answer "I don't know. A very long time." She said "Probably since you knew how to hold a toothbrush eh?"

That got me thinking... where did I get the idea that I need to brush my teeth vigorously hard to get it clean? And the best part is, I think I've passed on that idea to my kids.

The dentist advised me to switch to a soft bristle toothbrush and brush gently. And that is the message that I passed on to my kids when I came home. My daughter said "Oh, ok" and my son said "I thought I need to brush very hard to get all that dirt off my teeth."

Teach your children to brush their teeth gently. Don't let them suffer from receding gum lines later in life.
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  1. oh..that's what I've thought and been doing too.

    Up till today, I still help my children to brush their teeth, because I feel that the way they brush (gentle way) isn't clean at all.

  2. Have you ever considered flossing? For me, I feel that brushing alone is not thorough enough and the only way to get rid of food particles between the teeth is to floss.


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