Monday, June 28, 2010

Oh No! Baby Measles

Baby had fever for 3 days and then the rashes started to appear. If I was a first time mom, I would have freaked out upon seeing those rashes. However, this happened to KokoD1 when he was a baby. I freaked out then. Rushed him to the doctor only to be told that it was a common thing with babies and there was nothing to worry about. Roseola, that's what it is called.

Anyway, I did have a doctor take a look at babyK to confirm that that is what it is and not something else like Denggi. So yeah, baby has got the baby measles. The rash started on her face. Then it slowly spread to her chest, back and arms. She has some on her butt. None on her legs yet. Thank goodness it's not really bothering her. She's not scratching or feeling very uncomfortable. Still very active. Cranky at times, especially when it's warm. She's more sticky than usual. So I've just got to be very patient and work out those arm muscles. I think it affects her sleeping coz' she is waking up more than usual -- looking for her dear nen-nen for comfort.

For moms out there looking to find some info on baby measles, here are a few facts:
  • It's caused by a virus so antibiotics don't help.
  • It can spread through saliva. So cancel those play dates. If there are other babies at your babysitter's or daycare, you should consider keeping baby home instead or other alternatives.
  • I've been told that there is no medication to get rid of it. You have to let it run its course. Best you can do is give medication for fever.
  • The vaccination your baby gets is for rubeola (red measles), not roseola.
So, what to do?
Just have to be patient with the crankiness. Give lukewarm sponge baths to make baby feel more comfortable. Breastfeed often (if you are breastfeeding). Keep baby hydrated. Pray it the days go by quicker and baby recovers fast. Oh, and if you have other kids, like me, tell them to not get too close to baby. Do take note that some kids will purposely try to get it so they can stay home from school :)

My polka dot baby!


  1. I hope your polka dot baby gets well soon... I know it is really a struggle when you have other kids around but I know you will do fine.. :)

  2. Jaanvi and MeRy:
    Thanks for the well wishes. The rash has cleared up very quickly. It only lasted 3 days.


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