Monday, September 27, 2010

My Second Kitchen Helper

Jiejie-K is my #1 kitchen helper. Now I have a #2 kitchen helper - D1

Here he is helping to cook the spinach. When I was plucking off the leaves, he said he wanted to help. So I showed him how to do it. He mutilated some of the leaves but that's okay, for the sake of education. Then I showed him how to wash it. He learned how to gently wash them so it doesn't end up as mush as the end. And he learned he has to wash them 3-4 times to get all the dirt and sand out.

This is him cooking baked beans with scrambled eggs. This is his 2nd time cooking this dish. He learned that there is an order in the way we cook. Like here, we cooked the eggs first and then put it aside. Then we cooked the other vegetables before cooking the baked beans last. This way, we don't have to wash the wok until the end -- save energy and time.

D1 also cut the egg taufu for me. He can also cut long beans for me too. This boy of mine sometimes has his "I want to help" moods. When he does, I take advantage of it. Helping in the kitchen is part of their education.

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  1. Well Done to D1....
    also Mummy who trained him well...


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