Thursday, September 09, 2010

Walk Baby, Walk!

BabyK is going to turn 1 very, very soon. We've been coaxing her to walk. She took her first 2 tiny steps last Saturday. Since then, we've been having "practice sessions". As you can see from the video, it takes almost the whole family to motivate her to walk.

Mamas Parenting Tip
  • Baby will walk when she wants to. There really isn't a magic formula to get them walking earlier. My first 3 kids started walking around 9-10 months old. This one wants to be a late bloomer.
  • Teach your children to help, support and encourage one another.
  • One reason for sibling rivalry is jealousy. Many times my children will talk in a way that they try to put down the other. They feel they have to be better than the other. It is important to teach children that they are not in a competition. They do not have to compete for your love and attention. On the contrary, they should be happy for one another. One sibling's success does not mean failure for the others. On the contrary, one sibling's success is a success for the whole family.

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