Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Do You Trust Your Mechanic?

Last Tuesday we sent in our car for service at Proton Edar and we waited for 3 hours for it to get done. 3 very, very looooong hours. AND I had the baby with me. Thank goodness she didn't really put up a fuss. And thank goodness there was a food court nearby. Unfortunately there wasn't much food left to eat but it was good enough to keep us going until evening.

When it comes to car repairs, it is so important to find a mechanic that you can trust. There are so many "con-men" out there waiting for gullible victims. They will either do a shabby job, use cheap lousy spare parts or simply change parts of your car without your permission and then charge you a bomb.

When we were living in PJ, my DH sent his car to a mechanic in Taman Paramount. He was a really trustworthy guy. Sometimes he won't charge us for little problems. Then we moved out here to PA. We were lucky to find another trusted mechanic. He and my DH built a good relationship. He would even treat my little boy to roti canai and milo.

Since we are moving soon to another town, we have to hunt again for a trusted mechanic there. If we were in U.S., it would be easy because there are websites like RepairPal that allows you to find a mechanic in your area and you can also get repair estimates. For example, if you lived in Dallas, you could get from the website a list of Dallas auto repair. Plus, if you want to get more information on a certain type of car like Chevrolet Silverado, you can read reviews, problem reports and questions posed by other people.

I have to send my car again to Proton Edar because the brake fluid is slightly leaking. They didn't have the spare parts the other day and so they will schedule another appointment for us. I dread the idea of going back there. Hopefully it won't take another 3 hours to do the brake job.

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  1. I definitely feel your pain. Good mechanics are hard to find, and finding a good one could mean the difference in spending your life savings or a few dollars. Word of mouth is the best advertising. Ask around, and call your BBB. They can tell you if someone has numerous complaints. good luck

  2. Hello. I'm facing some problem with my car now so I googled 'car mechanic near Taman Paramount' and happen to come across your page. Do you still keep the trustworthy car mechanic's contact number? Or may be the name of the shop or its location?

    Hope to hear from you asap. A million thanks!

  3. Hi nanalim,
    The guy's name is Ah Wah. His number is 0193273306. Hopefully that is still his number. I think the name of the shop is Wah Heng. It is a corner lot. His shop is just behind Giant.

  4. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I just called the person and he actually came to my place and checked up my car. Millions thanks!!! :)

  5. Nanalim: I'm glad everything worked out okay for you.

  6. And again, thank you very much!! :)


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