Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Baby Is 1 Year Old

Happy Birthday BabyK. So quickly 1 year has past by. Let us do a quick development check.
  • Walking yet? No. Still prefers crawling.
  • Talking yet? Not really. There's mamamam and babababa. We would like to think she is calling mama and papa, but maybe that's just our interpretation of her babbling. She does call for her siblings once in a while. She just yells "Aaaah".
  • Can grab and release things? Yes! To keep her happy, we'll give her things to hold like straws and spoons. She's not really into toy stuff like teddy bears. If she's done playing with the "toy", she'll just throw it. BUT if you ask her nicely to give it to you, she will (80% of the time she will).
  • Pincer grasp is developed? Yes. Usually it's used to pick up small tiny pieces of rubbish on the floor like paper. She also uses it to try to turn pages on a book.
  • Opening cupboard doors and drawers? Unfortunately yes. Have to get some locks soon.
  • How does she communicate? By pointing. She will also pat your hand as a way of saying "I want something".
  • Favorite food? French fries, keropok and jelly. I'm still impatiently waiting for the day that she will eat normal stuff like porridge, rice, noodles. She does eat a little but the quantity is so minute I don't think you can even consider it as eating. Give her good food and she will end up sticking her finger into her mouth to dig it out. Then she will appear like a bulimic baby trying to induce herself to vomit.
Okay, that's a little bit about 1 year old babyK. Here are the birthday pictures. We didn't have a BIG celebration like we did the other siblings. She can't eat yet and she can't walk yet, so we figured we'll postpone the BIG birthday party to another time.

Baby telling jie-jie "Today is my birthday so make sure you don't bully me or scold me okay?"

Sing louder everybody. This is baby's favorite song.

"Eh, why you all put the cake so far away from me ah?"
Answer: Because your octopus hands were ready to smash it with the cake cutter.

"How come you all don't give me cake to eat ah?"
Answer: Because you didn't want to eat the cake. You used your fingers to squish it but never put it in your mouth. So the nice blueberry cheese cake leave for the rest of us to enjoy.

The birthday girl taking a birthday portrait photo with tears in her eyes. Why? Because someone took away the cake cutter from her hands.



  1. Happy ONE year old lil cutie :P
    time flies ....

  2. Happy Blessed 1st Birthday Little Princess.......

  3. Happy Birthday, Baby K!!! Time sure flies and we still haven't met!


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