Thursday, January 20, 2011

Baby Is 16 Months Old

Here are some words to describe babyK:
  • Cheeky. She'll give you that cheeky smile when she is up to something, and then she'll run when you try to get her.
  • Octopus hands. She will open her siblings cupboards and rummage through their things. Her hands are always reaching for something. One of her favorite thing to do is to attempt to sharpen pencils (and pens too).
  • Demanding. Definitely we are at the Terrible Two stage. If she doesn't get what she wants, she will slowly recline herself onto the floor and scream.
  • Fierce. She will scream and scold her siblings if they disturb her or get in her way.
  • Independent. Wants to feed herself. The only way we can get her to eat her food is to let her hold the spoon to feed herself. Sometimes she will push our hand away when we try to help. Unfortunately I still have to change her diaper. If only they could be independent in that area.
  • Screamer. Will scream like a banshee when reprimanded.
  • Resourceful. She knows how to use stools and chairs as climbing aids to get to places out of her reach.
  • Fast learner. Especially pertaining to things she shouldn't do.
  • Energizer battery. Always on the go, always moving.
  • Slipper thief. She loves to walk in my house slippers. That's why they are always missing. One slipper will be here and another will be goodness knows where.
  • Loving. She will go over and pat whichever sibling is crying.
  • Daddy's girl. She loves daddy to carry her.
  • Keropok girl. Absolutely loves to eat keropok.
  • Computer geek. Everyone spends time on the computer. She doesn't want to be left out. Her favorite game... Sesame Street's Peek-A-Boo.
What are some words she can say?
This, where, yes, papa, mama and jie-jie (Yeah, she can say jie-jie for sister, and everyone else is called papa, even me).

BabyK is definitely a handful but we love her to bits. When she gives you her smile, she chases all the black clouds away.

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