Friday, January 14, 2011

Our First Surviving Baby Rabbit

Say hi to "Champ". We're calling him champ coz' he is the first baby rabbit to survive. In the past, they didn't live past 2 days. Champ was a pleasant surprise for us. We didn't even know he existed until DH spotted him hopping around in the cage yesterday. He must have been hidden in a burrow.

We're not sure who is the mother. But we're guessing it's Brownie, our brown rabbit coz' this little fella looks like he's got a bit of brown fur on him. But then, maybe it's dirty from mud :)

When people have lots of babies, they like to say you're "breeding like rabbits". From my experience, it is not easy to breed rabbits ok. I've been puzzling over why the past few litters have all died; almost giving up hope that we'll ever see a baby rabbit survive.

Well Champ, you're just in time to celebrate the year of the Rabbit. Hope you keep on surviving.
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