Thursday, May 12, 2011

How To Put Together A Quick and Fun Treasure Hunt For Your Kids

My kids are always asking me to play more with them and so today, I decided to do this treasure hunt activity that I had read somewhere online. If you have a digital camera (which I'm sure you do), this is going to be a very easy, quick and fun way to create a treasure hunt.

  • Make sure the kids aren't looking. I asked my kids to wait in their room. AND made sure the door was closed :)
  • Go around the house (inside and out) and take pictures of things or places you want them to find. Take close up pictures so it's not so obvious. 
  • Put a token / reward at those places so they know they've "found the treasure". You know, like Easter the kids would find an Easter egg. I just drew some stars on pieces of paper and that was what they had to find. 
That's it. If you want, you can print out the pictures. I don't like to waste ink so I just downloaded the pictures unto my computer and showed it to them on the monitor. 

My kids enjoyed it. I gave my older girl a chance to take the lead by handing over the camera to her. Her clues were even tougher than mine coz' most of them were blurr :D

Well, I hope you try out this activity.. It is especially good for restless kids. Tell me how it goes.


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