Friday, May 27, 2011

Keep Your Toddler Busy With Step2 WaterWheel Activity Play Table

Every kid loves to play with water. The Step2 WaterWheel Activity Play Table is one way to allow your children to have fun with water without getting too messy. They'll probably still get wet because they are children and that is just what they do :)

Your toddler will totally love this water toy. Many parents have found that it also appeals to babies as young as 8 months old and even older kids like 8-10 years old.

  • This water table is a good alternative to kiddie pools. It doesn't take as long to fill up and clean up. You can save on water too coz' you don't need as much water.
  • You will actually have some free time on your hands to just relax or do whatever you want because your children will be so busy entertaining themselves. 
  • It is lightweight enough for you to easily pick it up and pour the water out but sturdy so that children can't turn it over.
  • Can accomodate 2-3 children. So siblings can play together. You can also arrange for some play dates for your children (a good excuse to have some adult conversation with other moms).
  • Easy to keep clean and store. Some parents suggest getting a grill cover to keep out the leaves and dirt.
  • When it is dry, you can bring it indoors and your kids can still use it as a play table. 
  • There is a water wheel feature. They can pour water into the funnel to make it turn.
  • Have fun playing with boats and cups and whatever water toys you put in there for them.
  • They can enjoy playing outside.
They have been some complains about it. The water feature is not a permanent fixture. Your child might keep knocking it down.This usually happens with really young kids because they are still learning to control their motor skills. The boats tend to come apart and parents wish there was more than just 1 cup.

However, the feedback is that this is still a very good for value toy. Currently, it is on Amazon's top 10 bestseller's list. If you are wondering what you can do to keep your children from getting bored at home, this would be a fun activity that would occupy them for some time.

The perfect toy for water loving kids

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